What lies in the future of crypto?

July 3, 2023
James Burnie


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James Burnie, a Financial Services and FinTech Partner recently sat down and discussed what his predictions are for the future of crypto as part of our new “90 seconds with a gunnercooke expert” series.

James suggests that the future of crypto is going to see a move towards greater regulation of the crypto asset space. This movement started towards the end of last year with the fall of FTX and has seen a shift towards being more traditional, regulated practice into the industry.

James also discussed the predicted shift towards regulating advertisements or financial promotions of crypto assets, and how that’s going to lead to a whole new regime coming into force.

He highlights how there is a broad trend of bringing traditional financial principles into the sector and how the current players in this space are not necessarily used to this so will have to adapt to the new framework.

You can contact James or read more about his practice here.

You can watch the full video here.