5 Top Tips Relating to Financially Troubled Businesses

October 18, 2018

Hosted by Restructuring & Insolvency Partner, Jeremy Goldring

Jeremy’s experience spans the whole spectrum of the Restructuring & Insolvency business environment, across just about every business sector. He advises anyone who is an existing stakeholder or is thinking of investing in a distressed business – or is wondering what would happen if a business goes into administration.

In this webinar, Jeremy provides his five top tips relating to financially troubled businesses. These include:

  1. The risks, the reality;
  2. The prospects of rescuing the company decline rapidly if professional advice is sought too late;
  3. The prospects of rescuing the business decline rapidly if professional advice is sought too late;
  4. Buying a distressed business;
  5. Multi-site retailer CVAs.


Watch the webinar here:

If you have any further questions on this topic or other restructuring & insolvency matters, please contact Jeremy Goldring who will provide more guidance where necessary.

DD: 07376 257 705

Email: jeremy.goldring@gunnercooke.com


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