A year of flexibility and growth with Rachel Dunn

February 21, 2023
Rachel Dunn


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Rachel Dunn, a Real Estate Partner with gunnercooke Glasgow recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with the firm. To celebrate, Rachel sat down with the team to give her insights and tips.

How has your practice changed over the last year?

I moved to gunnercooke a year ago to join my business partner, Simon Etchells, our now senior associate, Rucsar Ullah and our PA, Nicola Brown. We already had a substantial client based that had joined us from our previous firm so we had a good idea of what was in the pipeline and how our practice would look. What surprised us was the huge number of internal referrals. The referrals have meant that our client base has changed and grown, and we’ve had the chance to work with other gunnercooke partners.

What do you think is the best part of the gunnercooke model?

Hands down the flexibility. My team and I moved from a large, traditional firm with strict targets and working hours. The move to gunnercooke has allowed us to move away from that and have a huge level of flexibility. It just feels entirely different to a traditional law firm.

Do you have any standout moments from the past year?

The annual Symposium in Oxford last September was a huge highlight in my time at the firm. Having all the partners in one place let me get a real feel for the firm and allowed me to experience first-hand the collegiate atmosphere. The other partners were all very friendly and you got a real feeling that everyone is willing to help you and your practice, even if it doesn’t lead to business for themselves.

Do you have any advice for new partners?

Don’t be scared! You might be worried about where your business is going to come from without the backing of a traditional law firm, but business will come. There is frequent correspondence within the firm where partners are looking for help or have a job to refer. Clients are really intrigued and interested in the model and really like the approach, so are usually really on board with the gunnercooke model. Finally, don’t ever feel like you’re alone – if you ever need advice there will always be someone there that’s willing and ready to help.

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