Bringing an EU citizen to work in the UK

February 21, 2023
Anivaldo Esquelino


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It often feels like Brexit is something from the past, but it still impacts how businesses operate in the UK, with each organisation facing different challenges. From an immigration perspective, every business in the UK has had their workforce affected post-Brexit.  

The Immigration Work System Regulation is not something new, however, the difference is that after Brexit all businesses will now need a Sponsor Licence in order to bring an EU Citizen to work in the UK.

A Sponsor Licence is a legal requirement for UK businesses to employ non-UK resident workers under visa routes such as the Skilled Worker visaScale Up visa and Global Business Mobility routes.

If your business is granted a licence, you are able to bring in employees for your small or medium-sizes enterprise. In addition, if you are an International Company, you will be able to move your team across borders, being more efficient and reducing your costs.

The process involved in applying for a Sponsor Licence can be challenging and the licence holders can be subject to a Home Office investigation at any time, but there is a solution. We have a range of legal services to help you with all aspects of a Sponsor Licence.

Our services are designed to help you wherever you are in this process, whether you are looking to apply for the first time, renewing an existing licence, have been refused a licence or need support with managing your compliance obligations in line with the Home Office’s requirements.

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