Legal Counsel

Immigration, Family Law and International Law

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Legal Counsel

Immigration, Family Law and International Law


Anivaldo is a triple qualified Brazilian, Portuguese and England & Wales lawyer. He specialises in Immigration Law, Private Client matters and he has broad experience in International Law and Family Law.

His role often requires the co-ordination of all aspects of a client’s immigration process, giving a unique insight into the issues facing investors, entrepreneurs and overseas businesses with operations in the UK and any aspect of family law related to Private Client.

He also has expertise in European Nationality Law.

In addition, his clients originate from diverse regions including Brazil, Portugal and United Kingdom and his international experience enables him to provide linguistic and cultural familiarity to his clients.

Anivaldo Advises

  • His client base includes private clients and small to medium businesses seeking to establish a base in the UK

Experience Highlights

  • Advised Danish Company in Immigration matter to establish a branch in the UK

Career History

Previous Law Firms

  • 2016–19, Lawyer, Cubism Law
  • 2012–16, Lawyer, Nabas International Lawyers
  • 2009, Post Graduate in Tax Litigation by IBET, Brazilian Institute of Tax Studies, Brazil.
  • 2005–10, Founding Partner, Fauvel & Esquelino Lawyers
  • 2006, Professor of Constitutional Law and Professional Ethics at SENAC in São Carlos-SP, Brazil


  • Brazilian Bar Association (São Paulo) — Brazilian Lawyer — since March 2005
  • Attorneys Association of São Paulo, Brazil — since January 2007
  • Portuguese Bar Association (Lisbon) — Portuguese Lawyer — since July 2009
  • Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) — England, UK — Registered European Lawyer — since April 2014


  • LLB degree from Uniara — University of Araquara, Brazil, in 2002
  • Post Graduate in Tax Law by IBET — Brazilian Institute of Tax Studies, Brazil, 2005–06
  • Post Graduate in Tax Litigation by IBET — Brazilian Institute of Tax Studies, Brazil, 2009
  • Law Firm Management — SRA Management Course Stage 1 — DataLaw, UK, 2014