The Law, Pimlico Plumbers and the Gig Economy

April 23, 2018

What is the gig economy and how does the law treat it?

As more and more employees begin to work flexibly, the term ‘gig economy’ has become a frequently used term. In particular, it is a term linked with a number of high profile employment disputes!

In this webinar, Susie looks at:

  • The key definitions for employees, workers or ‘self employed’ status.
  • Employee, worker or self employed status
  • Rights of employees and workers
  • The legal tests
  • Recent cases
  • The Taylor Review
  • The Government’s response
  • Mitigating the risks

Susie provides an overview of the recent gig economy cases, the government’s response to the Taylor Review and the Supreme Court’s consideration of Pimlico Plumbers. She will also cover cases of interest that are due still to be heard and the ways in which companies who engage self-employed contractors can potentially mitigate their risks.

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