gunnercooke assists leading blockchain analytics & crypto compliance solutions provider Elliptic with launching a new compliance content service

June 14, 2022
James Burnie


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gunnercooke is working with Elliptic, the global leader in cryptoasset risk management,  to develop a new content service, Elliptic Connect,  providing relevant information on the topics of  governance, risk and compliance in the crypto and blockchain industries.

Elliptic’s crypto compliance solutions and services are used by crypto businesses, financial institutions, and regulators to detect and prevent financial crime in cryptoassets.

gunnercooke has built up one of the leading FinTech and Cryptoasset full-service practices with experts in the UK and Germany, including Partner James Burnie FRSA, Senior Associate Kathryn Dodds and Partner Wolfgang Richter. Burnie hosts the firm’s Crypto Cast podcast, a leading source of industry news, featuring guests from Ziglu, The Law Commission, Copper and Nickel Digital Asset Management.  

James commented “Given the borderless nature of blockchain and cryptoassets, it is important to have a resource for the community to be able to see international regulatory movements in real time. What is brilliant about this initiative is that Elliptic have selected leading legal and regulatory experts globally to create a resource that is free to use, and gives an informative high level and practical overview of different approaches, so that companies can position themselves effectively.”

Kathryn commented “Being able to compare jurisdictions quickly and effectively is vital for a technology that is inherently cross-border. This is becoming more and more important as we are seeing regulators dynamically evolving their approach to the blockchain and cryptoassets ecosystem, and so keeping track of developments on a continuous basis is increasingly difficult without a tool such as Elliptic Connect.”

Aruna Costa, VP Customer Experience at Elliptic added:

“We are delighted to be launching Elliptic Connect. This tremendous new content asset for governance, risk and compliance professionals looking to increase their knowledge of the crypto and blockchain industries will be a valuable and practical learning tool. As well as providing our own subject matter expertise, working with firms such as gunnercooke will ensure the content is of excellent quality”.