gunnercooke celebrates 10th anniversary as it plans another decade of expansion

October 6, 2020

Leading challenger law firm gunnercooke is set to open a series of new offices, including its first international office and specialist consultancies in Private Equity and football, as it accelerates growth in its 10th year.

Founded by Darryl Cooke and Sarah Goulbourne in 2010, it was the first law firm to offer lawyers a fee share model that directly rewards them for the fee income they generate.  More than 270 senior lawyers now work for the firm across the UK and its innovative model has radically changed industry working practices.

Currently based in Manchester, London and Leeds, and a new office about to open in Birmingham, the firm is now set to expand its innovative model into Europe, with a new office launching in Germany this autumn. 

Further overseas offices will follow, and it is also planning to open several specialised boutiques, the first of which will be a Scotland-based football consultancy and a Private Equity office in London’s West End, which will support businesses across the entire investment cycle. 

Financially, the business has enjoyed strong and consistent growth over its 10-year history.  Annual turnover has more than doubled year-on-year, increasing from £1.5m in 2012 to over £30m this year. 

The firm has also been recognised by 25 major legal awards including being listed in The Times’ Best Law Firms 2020 and winning the overall Business Culture Award in 2019.

gunnercooke co-founder, Darryl Cooke, said: “In ten years we have changed the idea of what a law firm looks like and have shown lawyers how to take control and design their own lives for the benefit of themselves, their families and their clients and to earn more financial rewards while doing so. Our model attracts the very best of the best and we’re excited about our future plans to create even more opportunity for outstanding legal minds.

“We have huge plans for the upcoming decade, as we continue to innovate and grow. Our expansion across the UK and the launch of our first international office in Germany, as well as two specialised boutiques, are just the beginning.”

Sincgunnercooke’s launch, its numbers have grown to over 270 senior lawyers with a wide range of specialities in corporate and commercial law. It has seen its growth escalate during 2020 and the firm is on track to welcome 50 new Partners this year alone. 

Co-founder, Sarah Goulbourne, said: “In ten short years, we’ve built a team to rival that of any large traditional law firm. Our lawyers practice on their own terms, giving them the freedom to go above and beyond for their clients. Never has this been more compelling than in 2020. Twenty-six partners have joined us this year, with the skills and drive to build an outstanding practice with gunnercooke. We look forward to expanding our team even further over the coming months and years.”

gunnercooke is a full-service commercial law firm, founded to change the way legal services are delivered to clients and how lawyers balance their lives. The firm’s innovative model sees partners with a minimum 10,000 hours practicing experience becoming trusted advisers to their clients, providing certainty of price and delivering the best quality advice. 

The firm has also expanded into several specialist groups including gunnercooke Associates, management consultancy gunnercooke Coaching, gunnercooke Private Equity, and a charity group connecting business leaders with small charities, the gunnercooke Foundation.