gunnercooke Partner Khaled Moyeed secures an injunction on behalf of commercial tenants  

June 15, 2023
Khaled Moyeed


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gunnercooke dispute resolution partner Khaled Moyeed has recently secured an injunction on behalf of his clients, commercial tenants who run a steak restaurant in South London.

The commercial landlord had forfeited the tenants’ lease and evicted them from the Property. The case involved a particularly difficult set of facts as the landlord refused to cooperate and denied the tenants access to the Property to collect their personal belongings.

Khaled’s clients were threatened with an action for alleged damages to the Property along with an action for a freezing order over their assets. There were allegations of harassment on the part of the landlord. Khaled argued that the forfeiture of the lease was the culmination of the landlord’s campaign of harassment against the tenants. He applied for an injunction seeking an order for his clients to be allowed to re-open their business and preventing the landlord from visiting the Property. He also applied for relief from forfeiture.

At an injunction hearing on 19 May 2023, the landlord argued unsuccessfully to adjourn the hearing. The Judge heard the submissions on behalf of Khaled’s clients and granted the injunction orders. The tenants have since re-opened their business pending trial into the relief from forfeiture application.

Khaled has recently acted for both commercial landlords and tenants in forfeiture proceedings. He has a growing list of commercial property clients.

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