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October 9, 2023
Ed Jenneson


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Ed Jenneson, a gunnercooke Employment Partner, joined the firm just 11 months ago and has quickly hit the ground running, winning new clients and working collaboratively with partners across the firm. Here he discusses how he set himself up for success at gunnercooke and how he has managed to build his own personal brand to help win new business.

Since joining gunnercooke, how have you built your network so quickly?

I’m lucky enough to have built a network of Partners both locally and nationally, largely helped by the core of partners already here in this region, the annual Symposium event that is held in Oxford and the support from the marketing, business development and admin team.

I am attached to the Leeds office, but after joining I made sure I attended multiple events in London and Manchester, meeting many Partners across all disciplines, not limited only to the Employment and Pensions team, but many others across multiple areas of the firm.

The geographical distance between the gunnercooke team and Partners hasn’t been an issue and I’ve been welcomed by Partners both locally and nationally. I’m based in East Yorkshire with my own premises but have been embraced by the entire firm. It is a unique balance as it has the feel of a regional practice at times but sits within a large, international firm with a world class infrastructure and client base.

How has the gunnercooke team helped you to grow your practice and win new clients?

When I first joined, my main focus was maintaining relationships with clients that had taken the decision to follow me, but gunnercooke has helped me grow my client base further. I’ve worked closely with the business development and marketing teams to help to build a strong network of clients and other partners around me.

With the support of the firm’s marketing and business development team, I’ve done lots of personal profile raising at gunnercooke, which is different to a traditional law firm. When you work at a traditional law firm, you generally focus on raising the firm’s name and profile, rather than your own.

I’ve appeared on multiple podcasts talking about my experiences as a lawyer and a late discovered neurodivergent, which has in turn helped me to land new clients with my intimate knowledge of hidden disabilities and equality. The marketing team has been great with their support for this and has helped me with getting the right equipment to record the podcasts and also produced premium quality videos.

Nothing is ever too much when it comes to the internal team, whether that be helping to brand the offices, set up my own personal website (, assisting with the podcast, finding the right team of lawyers and admin to support me or helping with events that I’ve sponsored.

How have you found the cross referrals?

This has probably been the biggest unexpected benefit. I’ve had a lot of success both referring work to Partners and having work referred to me. I’ve passed work opportunities to the pensions, employment, property, litigation and corporate teams. I’ve recently been working on multiple corporate transactions for new clients with corporate Partners where I’ve been handling all of the employment aspects, working with tax lawyers, property lawyers and pension specialists.

It is also not just work that is referred to one another. One of the podcasts I featured on came as a result of an introduction by another Partner, which demonstrates that everyone is always incredibly happy to pass on business and profile-raising opportunities to each other. The firm is particularly collaborative compared to a traditional firm, as a result of the way we work.

Do you have any advice for people looking to join?

Do it! Life is too short and the sense of reward that comes from working at gunnercooke and having autonomy over your work life is second to none. Clients instruct lawyers, not law firms, so trust that your clients will follow you. I have been overwhelmed by the response from clients, which I am very grateful for.

I would definitely try and network with as many people as possible before starting. Partners remember that it can be daunting  joining so people are always so nice, interested in where you have come from, welcoming and encouraging. I did a lot of due diligence before I joined and everyone I spoke to about the firm was incredibly positive and upbeat.

Do you have any advice for people who have recently joined gunnercooke?

Definitely take advantage of the marketing and business development team. There are always people willing to help and facilitate you meeting new Partners and gaining new clients.

And if you have the chance to go to The Symposium, do it! It’s an incredible event and is unlike any other “work” event I’ve been to.  

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