Proactive Management of Commercial Leases: Part 3

November 8, 2018

Property Dispute Resolution Partner, Claire-Elaine Arthurs, will be presenting a Four Part Series exploring the common issues that arise with Commercial Property Leases. She will be considering how a proactive approach can manage risks, avoid disputes and allow both Landlords and Tenants to get the best out of their Tenancy.

Part 3: Variations to the Lease

During the term of the Lease variations to the terms may arise in a number of different ways. Being aware of these options and being able to anticipate and manage them efficiently can help to avoid disputes, maintain assets in better condition and protect the profitability of a portfolio.

This webinar considers best practice for managing:

  • Rent Reviews
  • Break Options
  • Requests to Assign
  • Licences for Alterations
  • Subtenants

If you have any questions or queries regarding this subject, please contact Claire-Elaine directly and she will be more than happy to help.

DD: +44 (0) 7791 143 284

Email: [email protected]