Little-known equality provision deserves more take-up by HR

September 27, 2019

gunnercooke partner and Creative Equals Advisory Board member, Shilpen Savani, has written an article for Management Today about ‘positive action’.

According to the article, “Positive action allows employers to identify a disadvantaged or marginalised group and then take targeted steps to facilitate their inclusion. It’s governed by the Equality Act 2010 and has been in play since 2011, yet it remains unfamiliar territory to many employers and their advisors.” 

“We often hear, we’d like to hire a woman, but we don’t know whether we’re legally in the right to opt for positive action,” says Ali Hanan, CEO of Creative Equals. “The fact is, the law is on your side. Of course, the exercise should be undertaken with care and in a way that provides a clear justification for the outcome and the selection criteria should be transparent.”  

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