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In this series of short podcasts, James Burnie, a gunnercooke FinTech Partner, will be joined by a number of expert guests to discuss hot topics and share useful advice for blockchain and cryptoasset businesses.

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May 23

How to Avoid & Resolve Blockchain Disputes

Naturally, anything involving the transaction of financial assets runs the risk of ending in a dispute. But how do we avoid these disputes in the first place and is there any resolve? In this episode, Host James Burnie is joined by David Mcllroy, Head of Forum Chambers. David is a Barrister specialising in banking and financial services law, commercial […]

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May 13

What Are Physical NFTs & How do You Validate Them?

Today FinTech Partner & Crypto Cast Host James Burnie is joined by Vinay Gupta, CEO of Mattereum, a firm that validates physical NFTs. The pair discuss what physical NFTs are and how they can be used for digital record keeping, the challenges of using NFTs to deal in old-world assets, the motivations for using physical NFTs, the UK […]

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May 13

How The Academic World is Focussing on Blockchain & Cryptoassets

In this episode, FinTech Partner & Host James Burnie is joined by Dr Ann Sofie Cloots, Lecturer at Cambridge University Ann shares her insight on how the academic world is turning its attention to FinTech, and what areas in particular they are focussing on. Ann also shares her thoughts as to the future direction of law in relation […]

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May 10

Crypto in Poland, What You Need to Know

In this episode, James is joined by Dr. Konrad Stolarski, a Partner at FinTaxLegal to discuss the emerging world of crypto and regulatory requirements of Crypto in Poland. As well as the regulatory side, the pair discuss what crypto and blockchain models are currently being set up in Poland, and any advice Konrad has for doing so.

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Mar 10

Playing Games & Earning NFT’s With Utopian Game Labs

Following on from the hot topic of NFT’s, Host James Burnie is joined by Anthony Charlton, Founder & CEO of Utopian Game Labs. Anthony is currently making a game called Time Raiders, where you play to earn NFT’s. In this episode, Anthony shares the concept of playing to earn in videogames, the shift to play to earn games in […]

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Mar 02

The Challenges of Crypto Source of Funds Reporting & Issues Surrounding NFT’s

In this episode, James is joined by Henry Burrows CEO at Hoptrail, a blockchain data firm that specialises in crypto source of funds reporting.  The pair discuss the challenges of assessing crypto source of funds,  the biggest concerns traditions finance has in assimilating crypto compliance,  the pitfalls of blockchain analytics. and finally, the challenges with the rise of NFTs?

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Feb 04

What You Need to Know About Tax & Crypto

In this episode, Host James Burnie is joined by gunnercooke Operating Partner and Global Crypto Tax Accountant Neeraj Nagarkatti. James and Neeraj discuss considerations around Tax Laws when dealing with crypto including capital gains tax, which countries are tax-friendly for crypto, and finally, how to best structure your business for tax when setting-up overseas. 

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Jan 26

How to Choose the Right Crypto Exchange

Welcome to the first episode of Crypto Cast season two. Today, Crypto Cast Host & gunnercooke FinTech Partner James Burnie is joined by Konstantin Anissimov,  Executive Director & Board Member at CEX.IO., which is an ecosystem of crypto native products James and Konstantin sit down to discuss the range of crypto exchanges available, and on […]

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Dec 03

Selling Securities & Cryptoassets Alongside Each Other, is it a Match Made in Heaven?

Welcome to another episode of Crypto Cast. Today James is joined by Matthias Bauer-Langgartner, Managing Director UK & Ireland at Bitpanda, a digital investments platform. In this episode, James and Matthias discuss the relationship between Crypto and Securities.  Given that there is often tension between cryptoassets and more traditional types of investment, the pair share how investors reacted to […]

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