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In this series of short podcasts, James Burnie, a gunnercooke FinTech Partner, will be joined by a number of expert guests to discuss hot topics and share useful advice for blockchain and cryptoasset businesses.

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Jan 09

What is the role of the administrator for a fund?

This week on Crypto Cast, James Burnie is joined by Karine Seguin, Head of Business Development at Fund Services, Europe and Aaron Sammut, Director – Head of Fund Services at Trident Trust, a global corporate, fiduciary and fund administrator. Karine and Aaron share a little bit of background on what Trident Trust do and the […]

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Nov 15

What is tokenomics?

This week on Crypto Cast, James Burnie is joined by Mohamed Ezeldin, Head of Tokenomics at Animoca Brands, and one of the most active investors in Web3, with a portfolio of over 450 Web3 investments. Mohamed discusses the factors contributing to the volatile nature of emerging cryptoassets, offers valuable advice for individuals interested in the […]

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Aug 29

Do NFTs have a significant impact on Intellectual Property rights?

This week on Crypto Cast, James Burnie is joined by Yuliya Prokopyshyn, Associate at gunnercooke.  Yuliya explores the influence of NFTs on intellectual property (IP) rights and addresses potential challenges that could emerge. Additionally, she provides insights into safeguarding IP rights for those dealing with NFTs and shares her perspectives regarding the future of NFTs.

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Jul 03

How do developers distinguish between diverse blockchains?

This week on Crypto Cast, James Burnie is joined by Ella Shen, Research Writer at Monad, a new EVM L1 blockchain.  Ella discusses how developers distinguish between diverse blockchains, unravel the biggest challenges faced in this field, and gain insights into the exciting future of blockchain technology.  

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Jun 06

What is the significance of on-chain finance?

This week on Crypto Cast, James Burnie is joined by Alex Elkrief, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Fractal, a collateral management platform. The conversation revolves around on-chain finance and its significance, as well as the primary challenges confronted by participants involved in this field. Furthermore, they delve into an exploration of forthcoming developments within on-chain finance.

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Apr 03

Where is the music industry heading?

This week on Crypto Cast Kathryn Dodds, a Web 3 Senior Associate, is joined by Kevin Brown, CEO of FanCircles. The two discuss making NFTs easier for consumers, including knocking down the barriers of entry. They talk about the importance of making access to NFTs as easy as possible, and how Web 2 companies can […]

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Mar 29

How do NFTs and music work together?

On this episode of Crypto Cast, Web 3 Senior Associate Kathryn Dodds is joined by Matt Bond, the CEO of PopEx to discuss all things music in crypto. They discuss how to make the barriers to entry easier for consumers wanting to get into NFTs and how music NFTs can be made simpler for fans. […]

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Mar 20

Regulation and crypto – what is the future?

Join James Burnie and Julian Sawyer, CEO of Zodia Custody, as they discuss all things regulation in crypto. They discuss the importance of a custodian in crypto and the different between self-custody and third party custodians. They go on to discuss what you should look for when picking your third party custodian and what the […]

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Mar 07

What approach has Dubai taken to regulate crypto?

This week on Crypto Cast, James Burnie is joined by Ali Khan, Founding Associate at AS Legal as they discuss crypto in Dubai. They discuss the approach taken by Dubai in order to regulate crypto, the type of companies moving to Dubai and what you should be looking for if you’re making the move. Ali […]

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