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In this series of short podcasts, James Burnie, a gunnercooke FinTech Partner, will be joined by a number of expert guests to discuss hot topics and share useful advice for blockchain and cryptoasset businesses.

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Jan 26

How to Choose the Right Crypto Exchange

Welcome to the first episode of Crypto Cast season two. Today, Crypto Cast Host & gunnercooke FinTech Partner James Burnie is joined by Konstantin Anissimov,  Executive Director & Board Member at CEX.IO., which is an ecosystem of crypto native products James and Konstantin sit down to discuss the range of crypto exchanges available, and on […]

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Dec 03

Selling Securities & Cryptoassets Alongside Each Other, is it a Match Made in Heaven?

Welcome to another episode of Crypto Cast. Today James is joined by Matthias Bauer-Langgartner, Managing Director UK & Ireland at Bitpanda, a digital investments platform. In this episode, James and Matthias discuss the relationship between Crypto and Securities.  Given that there is often tension between cryptoassets and more traditional types of investment, the pair share how investors reacted to […]

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Nov 17

The Recipe for Crypto Cash Flow With Cake

Welcome to another episode of Crypto Cast. In this instalment, FinTech Partner & Host James Burnie is joined by Ben Appleby, CEO of The Cake, which provides Decentralised Support for the crypto ecosystem. Ben provides an insight as to why he created the Cake and what it does, the biggest hurdles for people generally understanding and accepting blockchain and […]

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Nov 17

Space Law – Why it is Heading Out of This World

In this episode of Crypto Cast, FinTech Partner & Host James Burnie is joined by gunnercooke Partner & Space Law Practitioner Joshua Taylor. Joshua shares further insight into space law and what it covers, how it compares with the traditional legal systems, and, finally, what the future of space holds as technologies advance.

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Oct 13

Implementing ESG into Your Crypto Business

In this episode, James is joined by gunnercooke Operating Partner, ESG, client insight, and organisational culture expert Patrick Voss, as well his client executive Heily Lam.  The trio discuss the broader aspects of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) as well as why businesses should care about ESG, and what they can do practically, to comply […]

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Sep 15

What You Need to Know About Staking in Blockchain

Ever wondered what is staking and how it works? gunnercooke Partner & Crypto Cast host James Burnie sits down with Daniel Gould, CEO & Co-founder of Nodamatics Ltd, an institutional staking platform to share everything you need to know. The pair share; what is staking and how does it work, why is staking important, how does staking compare with more […]

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Sep 03

How to Protect Your Digital Assets

In this instalment of Crypto Cast, James is joined by two guests,  Robert Cooper & James Byrne from Digivault. Digivault is a powerful custodian that combines multiple layers of protection that eliminate the need for trust through new processes and technology. The trio shares the story around the launch of Digivault, how it fills the gaps in the […]

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Aug 23

What You Need to Know About Jersey, the Crypto Funding Capital of Europe

In the latest episode of Crypto Cast, FinTech Partner & Host James Burnie is joined by Alex Smyth, Founder and Director at Oakbridge Fund Services (Jersey) Limited, a boutique Fund Administration CompanyJames and Alex discuss the function Jersey plays Crypto industry as well as providing a more in-depth insight into what role would an administrator […]

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Aug 20

The Law Commission

Fintech Partner and Host James Burnie is joined by two guests this week, Professor Sarah Green, Law Commissioner for Commercial and Common Law and Matthew Kimber, Lawyer at The Law Commission. The trio share who are The Law Commission and their role in UK,  provide guidance to companies in the crypto space as to  the purpose of the digital […]

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