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The ESG Podcast

The impact organisations have on the Environment and Society and the Governance approach they have in place to oversee these have been growing in importance. Join us as we discuss what this means for business – and how you can put this into practice over time.  This podcast is hosted by Gunnercooke, supported by Jeito.

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Feb 01

ESG Examples and Programmes in Real Life

You have probably heard of the focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) as a topic. But for an SME, what are some of the programs you can run and how do you put these into practice in real life? In this discussion, we look at examples and case studies of ESG programs in real-life. […]

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Nov 10

Podcast 1: Starting with Governance

As many organisations turn their focus to the impact they have on the environment and the society they engage with, the challenge is often ‘where to start’. But whilst it is easy to dive into investing time and money into specific projects, a critical first step often overlooked is the ‘G’, Governance.  In the first […]

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