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The Women in Business Podcast

Welcome to gunnercooke’s Women in Business Podcast, where we will be celebrating all that women have achieved in the world of law, business and beyond. Over the course of this series, we will be joined by guests from a host of industries who share their inspirational stories and discuss some of the challenges they have overcome throughout their career. We also touch on some of the most important issues and taboos to help break the bias when it comes to women in business. We hope you enjoy this episode!

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Mar 23

Niti Nadarajah

In the final episode of The Women in Business Podcast, Host & gunnercooke Employment Law Partner Thalis Vlachos is joined by Niti Nadarajah, former head of the legal team for Philip Morris in Australia and the Pacific Islands. Niti shares the experiences she faced, the differing cultures of companies and their attitudes towards people of […]

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Mar 21

Chrissie Lightfoot

In the third installment of the Women in Business Podcast hosted by gunnercooke Employment Law Partner Thalis Vlachos, he is joined by Chrissie Lightfoot, a Lawyer turned entrepreneur.  As CEO at Entrepreneur Lawyer Ltd, Author of best-seller ‘The Naked Lawyer’ and ‘Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer’, Chrissie shares her story of being a woman and a lawyer […]

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Mar 17

Jan Iceton

In the second installment of the Women in Business Podcast, Employment Law Partner & Host Thalis Vlachos is joined by Jan Iceton. Jan Started in business development, before moving on to be a consultant and helping to build and sell a company for over £100m. Jan currently acts as the Board Chair for Smart Works […]

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Mar 14

Nemone Lethbridge

In the first episode of this short podcast series celebrating all that Women have done in Business, Host and gunnercooke Employment Law Partner Thalis Vlachos is joined by Nemone Lethbridge.Nemone was one of the UK’s first female Barristers, who over the course of her career acted for both the Kray Twins and Frank Mitchell (The […]

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