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Creating a culture of belonging with David Walker, Bishop of Manchester

About this episode

The Inspiring Leadership Podcast delves into the minds of inspiring businesspeople, to learn from the very best, and to understand what makes a great leader. The series is hosted by Darryl Cooke, Executive Chairman of gunnercooke, the professional services firm that has changed the landscape for legal and consultancy services in the 21st century. In this episode host Darryl Cooke is joined by David Walker, the Bishop of Manchester and former international mathematical Olympiad competitor, and joined by Sir Peter Fahy, former Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police. Darryl, David and Peter discuss the changes in society since the great philanthropists of the Victorian era, how empathy and kindness can be learned, and why a culture of belonging can bring out the best of those in your business. You can listen to the rest of the Inspiring Leadership Series here https://gunnercooke.com/podcast-types/inspiring-leadership/

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