Symposium 2018: Going From Good to Great…

July 26, 2018

Our fifth annual Symposium is shaping up to be our biggest yet!

We’re immensely proud of what gunnercooke has accomplished in that time. Our focus on culture has enabled us to become the fastest growing firm in UK legal services. And we’re not about to slow down now.

We will continue to stay ahead of the pack and further cement our place as the law firm of choice for senior legal experts. Our very reason for existence is creating freedom for people who may have otherwise taken themselves out of the profession they have poured so much time and energy into. Now we must strive to become even better.

That’s why our central theme for this year’s Symposium is ‘From Good to Great’.

It’s not enough to re-discover a passion for law or re-gain balance between work and home life. We want our lawyers to continue developing their practice and fulfilling a bigger slice of their potential. We want them to be the best in their field. There are endless avenues through which we can enhance our service and become better at what we do. This year’s Symposium is all about tapping into those opportunities. 

We’re inviting all gunnercooke partners to join us in Oxford for Wednesday 12th September – Thursday 13th September.

“The Symposium plays a huge role in our long-term growth,” explains Sarah Goulbourne. “In an agile working model such as ours, it’s great to bring everybody together for these events. It’s an opportunity to share in new ideas and develop an even stronger service for our clients. It really is testament to what gunnercooke is all about.”