Team Dynamics: the barrister / solicitor relationship

February 26, 2018

Dispute Resolution and Employment Law Partner, Shilpen Savani, features in Grania’s latest article for Counsel Magazine looking into the changes in the way barristers and solicitors team dynamics work, in the same fashion as both sides of the profession.

Shilpen, along with barrister Adam Chichester-Clark of Three Stone Chambers, draw on their experience of working together to highlight key points, subsequently makes a relationship between barrister and solicitor work.

The two agree that personal contact is critical. Shilpen says that the key to a working relationship is to “treat counsel as an extension of my team. However, one that is independent and external. The dynamic of having someone who is a constant dose of cold water is of great value.”

By Grania Langdon-Down on behalf of Counsel Magazine

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