What services are on offer for Partners at gunnercooke? 

September 6, 2023

Joining a fee-share law firm can seem daunting, with many new starters querying if they will have access to associates, paralegals and PAs. There are usually questions around how to grow your team, if there’s access to digital dictation and if you’ll be able to utilise secretarial services.  The good news is, at gunnercooke you have access to all of the services that you’re used to – but on your own terms.  

Access to support staff 

When you join gunnercooke, you have access to a bank of self-employed professionals, whether that be associates, paralegals or PAs. The majority of our team are self-employed, so they manage their own time and hourly rates but are on hand when you need them. The work can be ad hoc and you don’t have to provide associates, paralegals or PAs with a certain amount of work or a certain salary level. This means that you can dip in and out of the extra support as and when you need it.  

As soon as you join, you’re given five free hours to use on paralegals and PAs within your first year. We do all the leg work and match you to the support you need – meaning you get the perfect paralegal or PA to help you.  

There’s no minimum or maximum amount of people that you can work with, so you can surround yourself with a team of associates and paralegals that have a range of niches and specialties. Or, you can choose to work on your own. The gunnercooke model allows you to pick how you work with others, and this can change and develop in your time at the firm. 

Team growth 

Team growth is built into the gunnercooke model, with support always being available for Partners that want to scale and grow their practice. You can cultivate your own bespoke team at gunnercooke, either by joining gunnercooke as part of a team, or building one whilst you’re here.  

Joining as part of a larger team means that you can bring your colleagues with you to the firm, helping you to settle in and continue your work as if nothing had changed. You can still grow your team and utilise the bank of self-employed support that is available.  

If you come to the firm without a team, you can choose to grow your own practice that is unique to you, whether that be from the support that is already available at the firm, or through hiring new people directly to work under you.  

External support 

We have a range of partner companies that can provide external support alongside our bank of self-employed professionals. We have all bases covered for flexible PAs and paralegals, with discounted rates secured as standard. Our services mean that you have access to 24/7 digital dictation, transcription and secretarial services for document administration and formatting.  

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