We don’t believe in law as usual For us, law is inspiring


We want to make law work better. We believe that the law industry serves neither clients or lawyers as it should. We have created a challenger firm that stands for flexibility, transparency and freedom.

Freedom for our lawyers – from time sheets and office hours. Freedom for our clients – from billable hours and the ticking clock. Freedom for our business – from the constraints of the status-quo. Unlocking the power of the law to solve problems, realise potential and create wealth.

Today, we are one of the fastest growing commercial law firms in the UK. We inspire the best lawyers and professional advisors to join us and generate change.

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We want to speak to senior lawyers with the ambition and appetite to change the way legal services are delivered. Lawyers who enjoy the freedom of working to their own time, in the way they want – free of timesheets and of the ticking clock. Lawyers who want to deliver the best possible service to their clients, not for the corporate machine.

At gunnercooke, our lawyers find an experienced and passionate peer group and a quality brand to represent them. We stand for changemakers. Do you?

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We are not simply driven by profit. We want gunnercooke to do something meaningful, help our communities and stand for progress. We created inspire* – a social enterprise that connects small to medium-sized, ambitious charities with the business resources and professional services they need to grow – at no cost.

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