A number of years ago we listened to the market, who told us that they were unhappy with the way that legal and professional services are delivered. They told us their frustrations. We responded with a model that answered each of their concerns, building a law firm whose number one priority is to understand and help its clients.

We were told that businesses wanted senior lawyers and trusted advisors. We guarantee that every lawyer at gunnercooke has 10,000 hours of experience. We recruit lawyers based not only upon technical prowess but also on commerciality and their ability to empathise. Through our Development Office we take their client service skills to a level unseen before in professional services.

We were told that billing by time led to fee uncertainty which was damaging to our clients’ businesses. So we abolished billing by time and focused on delivering value and providing a fixed fee before the work begins.

We were told that lawyers often lack commercial acumen. So we developed a profit share model with each of our lawyers. They are as good as their last transaction. They have an added desire to provide a better client service. They seek to understand a client’s needs and become trusted advisors. Our model allows them to be fully aligned with their client’s on working towards results.

And what happened –  we are one of the fastest growing commercial law firms in the UK and will continue to be. We wanted to inspire the best lawyers and professional advisors to join us and generatechange.  We gave them freedom, flexibility and we help them to grow their skills. And the best talent continues to join.

Our ambition is tall. We want to be recognised as the leading law firm in the World by client service. To do this, we knew that we needed to offer more than solely legal services, and develop other businesses that would help our clients too.

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Today, our group comprises:

A management consultancy business, solely comprising consultants all of whom have held senior positions in industry. They are comfortable and confident at the board room table; managing change, galvanizing teams, inspiring action.

Ignition Law

Starting a business can be exciting, terrifying and a million miles an hour. To advise those kind of businesses effectively is a full time job – and at Ignition Law they do just that! Ignition works exclusively with start ups and technology businesses. They are set up to respond specifically to the unique needs of fast-growing start up; operating from entrepreneurial hubs throughout London and using a wide range of technology to support their delivery.


We thought long and hard about the best way to ensure that our training programmes would reflect the culture of innovation and authority in our firm. To this end, we established gunnerbloom; a sister firm focused on developing entrepreneurial lawyers up to 7 years PQE, who could also support the senior lawyers of gunnercooke where appropriate. The gunnerbloom younger lawyers will be trained and developed directly by gunnercooke partners, and where appropriate, will support client work as a cost effective resource.

Soon after establishing gunnercooke, we decided our aim was not just to be about profit and growth but we wanted to do something for our communities. We wanted to do something meaningful. inspire* is a social business that connects small to medium sized, ambitious charities with the resources that they need to grow, at no cost to the charity.


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