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I no longer worry about timesheets. That’s good for me and great for my clients. Ultimately, they get a service, from a senior lawyer, who is accessible for a fixed cost that is based on value.

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I think the best type of person to join gunnercooke is somebody who is entrepreneurial, enthusiastic about what they are doing and somebody who wants to part of something new and something different.

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One of the best benefits to this model is actually having a say in how to deliver the best service for my clients.

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It's the opportunity to be a lawyer again, to do the work, to deliver good quality service to clients.

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I work with great clients, have increased my earnings and most importantly can dedicate time to my young family without feeling guilty about not being "in the office". Being a gunnercooke partner is empowering, liberating and hugely satisfying.

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gunnercooke allows me to do what I want, when I want and how I want. I'm also able to call on a hugely experienced group of partners and legal counsel to help on any deal in which I am involved as a client partner. I will never leave.

Culture: 4+4+1=Why?

4 Objectives

  • To be the leading M & A, Private Equity & Restructuring legal boutique in the world, measured by brilliant client service.
  • To be the leading commercial law firm in the world, measured by brilliant client service.
  • To be the law firm of choice for all senior lawyers.
  • To be a values led business with a conscience.

4 Values

  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Clients’ interests first
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork


1 Purpose

gunnercooke is in the business of giving peace of mind to our clients. When they instruct us, they pass us their challenges, issues and problems. We have the skills, and authority to reassure them that they are in the best hands and that we can give them the peace of mind they so desire.

Aspire to inspire.


We exist to deliver a better legal service to businesses, a better life for our people and a better world than we found.

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It was James Collins and Jerry Porras in ‘Built to Last’ a study of the most successful global organisations in the last 50 years and a business book classic who said, “successful companies get  the right people on the bus”.

We want to speak to senior lawyers who enjoy the freedom of working collaboratively amongst highly experienced peers within a high quality brand. People with the appetite and ambition to change the way that legal services are delivered to businesses.


We’re very proud of the culture we’ve created at gunnercooke – and events are very important to that.

We love to bring our lawyers together around a wide range of social and structured development events and operate an extremely active programme across our London and Manchester offices.

The biggest event in our calendar is the gunnercooke annual Symposium, which celebrates our anniversary in September each year. It’s a great opportunity to hear from world-class speakers, hone business skills, reinforce our values and spend time with colleagues.

*new event this year – gunnerbookies

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One of our biggest aims as a business is to create a better environment for our lawyers to work within. To do this, we need a team that goes far beyond ‘back-office’, one that is entirely focused upon delivering brilliant support services to our lawyers.

We call this team ‘gcTrust’, because that is the quality we most want them to embody. Lawyers at gunnercooke are working in a very different environment and our responsibility is to make it as easy as possible for them to deliver their services to clients. gcTrust aims to be a valued partner and safe pair of hands, delivering outstanding services to all of our lawyer across; marketing and business development, finance, compliance, post and administration and IT systems.


Our team takes care of the entire infrastructure, which enables our lawyers to focus on what they do best, advising clients.

If you look at history – innovation doesn’t come from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect.

Development Office

When our lawyers join us, they have already gained over 10,000 hours’ technical experience. Our role is to make their transition to working in a more commercial environment as easy and as successful as can be. To support this, we established the Development Office, which offers a range of business coaching facilities to our lawyers such as; one to one coaching with leading business consultants, group sessions led by world-class outside trainers, technology and systems classes and a wide variety of internal networking events.


We also maintain an active CPD programme for our lawyers, which all have the opportunity to take part in.

The aim is to help our lawyers to continue to develop as exceptional advisors, with a heavy focus on supporting the shift to a more entrepreneurial way of working. We advise all of our lawyers to take full advantage of the development office programme, so that they are maximising the opportunities within their own practice and also with the wider gunnercooke group.

Offices and Hubs

gunnercooke’s lawyers are completely technology enabled, because we believe that we can deliver better services to our clients through operating from the best location for them.

We have invested in secure cloud based systems, which gives our lawyers the flexibility to choose where they work from. In addition to this, we provide high quality, fully serviced office space in London and Manchester, with meeting and event space facilities also available.

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