An Overview of Interlink Recruitment’s Q&A with our Executive Chairman, Darryl Cooke

August 25, 2021
Darryl Cooke

Executive Chairman

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Since being founded in 2010, here at gunnercooke we have grown to a firm of around 300 Lawyers with the purpose of ‘making law inspiring’. This journey has involved a great deal of learning and adapting, to now be experienced in providing the best possible service to clients and an exceptional structure where our Lawyers are able to achieve their best results possible. Our Executive Chairman, Darryl Cooke, recently completed an insightful Q&A with Interlink Recruitment, discussing the aspects of gunnercooke which make us unique and have allowed us to see such great success.

The Business Model of gunnercooke

Some of the most successful businesses globally, across all industries, are those that have adapted to market changes such as increased technology and the ever-differing priorities of employees. As for the legal industry we hadn’t seen a great deal of development, until we made it happen. Here at gunnercooke we were founded due to great innovation and adaptability to create a law firm which benefits clients and rewards Lawyers.

We operate under a Consultancy model, however as Cooke says “All Lawyers act as Consultants to clients. We are no different. We just remunerate differently.” This shows that what makes our business model unique is that “95% of our Lawyers will earn more than they previously did”. As well as the opportunity for increased remuneration our model operates remotely, creating increased flexibility for our Lawyers. Remote working is increasingly desired in today’s market, making us stand out as a desirable law firm, allowing us to attract and retain our top talent.

Remote working also makes us more adaptable as a firm, meaning that we can react to unexpected challenges very effectively. Due to having the tools in place for remote working, expanding into our new offices in Germany and Scotland during a time of limited travel “wasn’t a problem”. In the full Q&A Cooke expands on our future expansion plans, with locations and practice areas of key interest.

The Culture at gunnercooke

While our business model may be what we are externally known for, there is much more to the firm than its structure. Cooke says “The thing that I am most proud of though is intangible until you are in the firm and see it at first hand. That is culture.” Within our firm we work hard to create a unique culture, despite the additional challenges of remote working.

We provide an environment of freedom and trust, allowing our Lawyers to do the work that they want to do, where they want to do it and be free of any constraints which may slow them down. As Cooke mentions we have “worked really hard to design our culture” and believe that although “anyone can copy what we do, they can’t copy our culture.” We have learnt that onboarding is a highly important process not only to “set new Partners and Associates up to succeed” but also to ensure that they are bought into the environment and values of our firm. Through the ethos we have developed, our Lawyers are able provide personable and professional advice to clients in an efficient and honest manner.

Read the Full Q&A

In the full Q&A Darryl Cooke provides many further insights including the future of gunnercooke, our, use of technology, social events, marketing and important attributes for Lawyers looking to join the firm. You can find the full Q&A HERE