gunnercooke Football

In season 21/22 the team is focused on expertise around top youth talent, providing protection for both families and clubs in this aggressive market.

The firm is delivering talks to club academy parents, dealing with the contractual issues they face, including representation contracts and the landscape of football agency.

For clubs, the firm has developed and innovative structure for PFCC Tribunal cases, which engages all aspects of the youth development arena and comprehensively assesses how to best protect the aligned interests of the club and the youth player, looking forward.

The specialist team has deep experience of football, providing direct football, legal and commercial services to families and for clubs.

Our delivery includes advice and support for players and their families to ensure long-term career security, including football contract advice and assessing the player’s best interests around career decisions, brand partnerships, career protection, property purchases, charitable work, profile growth and all the issues faced by professional players and their families.


Born out of law

gunnercooke Football is a spin out from gunnercooke, one of the UK’s fastest growing legal innovators and winners of Law Company of the Year at The Lawyer Awards.

This is the first time an all-encompassing service for the football industry has been delivered through the robust governance of a large-scale corporate law firm, meaning the team has the capability of acting for large clubs and regulators on a range of legal and commercial matters.

We have spoken to the CEOs of football clubs to understand the needs of both the business and its players and to ensure our team can add true value to our clients.

The gunnercooke Football leadership team comprises experts in the fields of football, from legal advice in employment, arbitration and immigration to commercial contracts


Our services

  • Family and player support
  • Contract negotiations, transfers and career security
  • Football regulatory and arbitration
  • Advice for high-net-worth individuals including property, tax and investments
  • Commercial Agreements (media, sponsorship, and image rights)
  • Reputation Management
  • Disciplinary
  • Club Acquisitions
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Immigration and Player Status
  • Sports Stadia Construction and Real Estate

Our team

We are committed to doing the right thing in football and protecting youth players. We have created a team who are dedicated to ensuring gunnercooke's services are shaped to the needs of both clubs and talent in the industry, by delivering high quality advice that puts the protection of players at the forefront.

JP Mowberry

JP is a highly qualified lawyer who has operated as a in the football industry for over 10 years. JP’s work has spanned across families, players, football unions, governing bodies, player contracts, commercial brands, football publishing, charities, specialist football arbitration, disciplinary, dispute resolution, national squads, reputation management, recruitment, and published research. He has been appointed as a specialist football arbitrator in the Court of Arbitration of Sport, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Darryl Cooke

Darryl is the co-founder and visionary behind game-changing law firm, gunnercooke, one of the UKs fastest growing commercial law firms. Having worked in all parts of the legal industry, Darryl is considered a thought leader on the need for innovation in legal services. He is 100% behind the growth of gunnercooke football, putting all resources into the consultancy to help build a brand that will change the industry for the better.

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