Breaking away from Blue Monday by Partner Sarah Cato

January 17, 2020
Sarah Cato


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Long gone are the days of rushing for the 6.30 am train whilst worrying if my tiny boys had all they needed for the day. Fast forward five years and now all I need to worry about is trying to get them out of the house for school on time. I can now attend that hockey match, parent meeting or even do emergency lunch box drops to school (as happened yesterday). As much as the children are my first priority, joining gunnercooke was not only about them.

At my last firm, I was becoming increasingly depressed by the amount of admin and management that took up my working day. I had to remind myself this was not what I signed up for when spending all those painful hours studying and training. What I really love about the law is being with clients, getting to understand what makes them tick and helping them find a solution to their problems. gunnercooke has allowed me to get back to the real nitty-gritty of the law and engage with people again.

Most surprising of all is that clients seem to thrive off the flexibility of gunnercooke. Clients are more than happy to hear that you are taking an hour out to exercise, be with kids or whatever else it may be. The trade-off for clients is that they know in return you will happily take that call at the weekend, early in the morning or late at night. The gunnercooke model allows life to happen for its partners and its clients without worrying about set hours and timesheets.

I am really looking forward to what opportunities and new friendships in the next five years at gunnercooke will bring.