We don’t believe in law as usual

For us, law is inspiring

Industries are changing. Two thirds of the companies that make up the stock market in a decade’s time have yet to be created. New business models in old industries such as Amazon, Airbnb, Google and Uber have transformed our lives. But the legal industry has stood still, delivering the same model for centuries.

That is until gunnercooke came along...

More than a law firm.

We spoke with lots of people who had engaged lawyers, asking them what they liked and what they thought could be improved.

They wanted to deal with an expert, not junior lawyers who couldn’t provide the experienced advice they needed and quickly. They were happy to pay a fair price but they wanted to know the price beforehand and for it not to change.

Offering price certainty on fees.

Armed with this feedback, we set about building gunnercooke. A firm that would be a blueprint for the future of legal services. A firm that would be passionately, obsessively focused on brilliant service for its clients. A law firm, with a difference.

We’ve taken away lots of the constraints that prevent lawyers from giving a brilliant client service and we’ve replaced them with a model that attracts the best legal talent to join us, giving them the freedom to invest fully into their client relationships.

Passionately focused on brilliant client service.

And it’s worked… today we are one of the fastest growing law firms in the UK, by both clients and number of lawyers.

We believe that to do a great job your lawyer should be many things, but above all they should deliver you ‘peace of mind’. The lawyers of this firm are an exceptional group of people, so I would urge you to meet some of them, let them find out about your business, and start feeling your peace of mind, today.

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