Could your password get hacked?

February 21, 2019

Could your password get hacked?

It seems like every week, another company or public service organisation is in the headlines, with details of customer accounts or payment information being stolen and sold on the “dark web”.

Whilst we all recognise that we need more complexity than Password123 in our login credentials – how can we really protect our company data from attacks?

Once a hacker has a valid email address and password that you have used online, they will attempt to gain access to this account, and any other online accounts you may have, as many people reuse the same password.

Within minutes of your password being leaked, they have automated tools to try and steal your identity, either to commit crime, or to spread malicious software, which can lie dormant on your computer harvesting your most private information.

It might not just be banks, but online grocery websites, or shopping sites like Amazon.

Most organisations will refund fraudulent activity, but when it comes to your business, the impact can be devastating, disruptive, and very frightening as well.

The Golden Rules of Company Passwords

  • Never use the same password twice
  • Don’t use information that can easily be guessed, such as your place of birth, names of pets or children, your favourite musical or football team
  • Use a phrase you can remember, and swap vowels for numbers, e.g. 1 for the letter I, 3 for the letter S, etc
  • Consider investing in specialist password management software, that will do the hard work for you, such as Dashlane