How a global pandemic has led to even stronger bonds with our clients

March 3, 2023
Michelle Chen


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Three years on from the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve been reflecting back on how the world has changed from that pre-Covid era.

As we finally come out of the lockdowns and quarantine, in light of the challenges we all faced, it’s clear that we’ve built an even stronger bond with our family and friends as well as our colleagues and clients.

I’m proud of how our team and clients came together during such a difficult  time. We have all become stronger, more resilient and overcame the hurdles together.

But what really stood out to me during this time, is the opportunity to really shine when it comes to client service.  

So what could we learn from our relationships during the Covid-era and how can we take it forward to provide even better service going forward?

Make it personal

Despite being physically apart, lockdown meant those providing legal and professional services suddenly became even more human to our client given the same adversity that we all faced all over the world.  

Despite communicating through online means, the conversation became more personal and we had more time to find out about each other’s lives and families while we each work from our own homes.  We get to even hear and sometimes see each other’s kids and family members including fury friends.  And this personalised service has continued for the better.  

Lead with purpose

During such extraordinary times, those of us that were leading a team needed to step up. It was important to lead by example and be positive for both our team and our clients. What it meant to be a leader changed during the pandemic, with a shift towards leading with purpose. Checking in with our team and clients regularly to ensure they are well is one of my top priorities as a partner in charge both internally and externally. 

Have empathy

The pandemic undoubtably strengthened our empathy for other’s situations. Whilst exceptionally in some places there were no lockdown, others were forced to remain in their apartment for weeks and months.  Being aware that everyone is facing  a different challenge is something that we can  take forward to our future relationships.  It is important not to overlook the powerful effect of a smile or a caring message have in making one stands out as a professional and caring advisor.

The main thing to remember is that clients don’t just want a lawyer. They are looking for a trusted advisor who can be whatever they need; a friend, a confidant, or a business coach who can advise on legal issues with commercial sense. This is particularly true at gunnercooke, where our people are much more than lawyers, and with stronger client bonds than ever before.   

Michelle Chen is a Corporate Partner at gunnercooke, acting with her experienced cross discipline team on cross-border matters with Chinese elements. To find out more about Michelle or her practice click here.

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