More than a lawyer

March 16, 2021
Michelle Chen


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I love law and enjoy being a lawyer.  But it’s not enough to simply be a lawyer anymore. Businesses need much more. They need a trusted advisor, someone who understands the market in their sector, their challenges, their competitors, the ins and outs of how their business works and even understand the people within their organisations. 

As lawyers we should be able to advise our clients with commercial sense and our legal advice should have a strategic reasoning behind it that reflects the business objectives.

Myself and my team offer a multi-disciplinary approach to our work. Our recent win of a high court case for a global company was on the account of our deep understanding of the client’s culture and strategy. The 18-month litigation resulted in all claims being dismissed and the client ended up not having to pay a penny to the other side; it was a huge and unexpected win for our client.

Our work throughout extended further than just legal advice; our knowledge of the client’s business meant we could offer support from a strategic perspective including their internal procedures and policies.  Most importantly, we protected the reputation of the client’s business, which we knew was their number one priority.

Senior lawyers are regularly seeing successful wins such as this one happening in pioneer law firms like ours and I believe our successes are down to the freedom to embrace the new role of a trusted advisor.

So, how can lawyers become trusted advisors?

  • Understanding of the client’s business and how it works 
  • A deep knowledge of the client’s market sector and key jurisdictions
  • Time taken to learn and truly understand the client’s business, inside and out
  • Offering quality legal advice that is supported from a strategic and business perspective
  • Know how to apply the law to solve business problems 

If you’d like to discuss how we can help your business, please get in touch with myself or my team.