Introducing gunnercooke’s Inspiring Leadership programme

December 20, 2019

Our charitable foundation is all about connecting the profit world with the not for profit world. Only companies in the future will survive that have a socio-economic and moral purpose. Businesses and leaders are and will become more accountable. We wish to engage with business leaders and to be part of and energise the debate of the role of both leaders and employees.

To this end, we are holding a series of inspirational talks delivered by amazing leaders from the business world, followed by enlightened discussion, so that we might inspire conscious leadership.

At our first event back in April, we were joined by one of the UK’s best-respected entrepreneurs, Julian Richer, CEO of Richer Sounds, who spoke about his new book The Ethical Capitalist and gave tips on how to motivate a workforce. Since then, Julian has asked us to become founding members of The Good Business Charter being launched in 2020.

The series continued in November, where we were joined by the CEO of Operation Eyesight, Aly Bandali. This international development organisation works to eliminate avoidable blindness with the help of donations and support from foundations, corporations and governments. There are 250m people in the world who are blind or have partial eyesight. 89% are in developing countries. 80% is curable and so unnecessary. To say Bandali was inspiring would be an understatement.

This was our pilot year and the series of talks will begin in earnest in 2020, with much fanfare. We will be welcoming various high-profile speakers Elif Shafak (Booker Prize shortlist), Lord Browne (ex BP CEO), James O’Brien (LBC Presenter), Hassan Damluji (CEO of the Bill Gates Foundation), Dr Kim Tan (social venture capitalist) and others. We have linked up with a PR company to get our positive message out.

Watch this space for announcements. Help us to begin a movement for conscious capitalism.

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