Intellectual Property Rights in the Fashion and Creative Industries

February 28, 2019

This month (during London fashion week), gunnercooke joined forces with Joanna Dai (founder of luxury womenswear brand Dai) to celebrate the launch of gunnercooke partner, Rosie Burbidge’s book: European Fashion Law: A Practical Guide from Startup to Global Success.

Rosie’s motivation for writing it: to make the law more accessible for the creative industries.

In order to make the book more navigable for non-lawyers it follows a chronological structure which mimics the issues a creative business will face as it moves from initial concept and idea stage, to going global via distribution networks, franchising and licensing. The book also uses three icons in the margin which identify “cool practical points” (sunglasses), “points that a lot hangs on” (hangers) and “points which may be obsolete soon” (a retro t-shirt).

The book will appeal to lawyers advising the creative industries, and to people starting or working within creative businesses who would like a bit more context on the legal issues they may face.

After the introduction to the book – we heard a very inspiring introduction to Dai. Joanna’s story from finance to fashion is a true entrepreneur’s journey. Not only was she concerned with finding appropriate performance wear fabric for use in her professional tailoring but she made sustainability a core part of her design process from the start. Joanna collaborates with several empowering networks such as Dress for Success and the Maiyet Collective.

The book is now available to purchase via Amazon. You can find out more about the book here.

Rosie is available to contact at [email protected], or on 07708 923 374.