Life as a triple-qualified lawyer: what it’s like practicing in three countries

September 7, 2023
Anivaldo Esquelino


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Anivaldo Esquelino, a gunnercooke Immigration Partner, is tripled-qualified in Brazil, Portugal and the UK (England & Wales). He has been a lawyer for nearly two decades and has practiced around the globe, gaining experience and knowledge.

Anivaldo recently shared his insights into life as a triple-qualified lawyer.

Why did you decide to become triple qualified?

At the beginning of my career in Brazil I specialised in Tax, and this led to me working as a consultant for companies on matters related to Tax in Foreign Trade. After working there for a while, I noticed that most of my clients were outside Brazil, so I decided to broaden my horizons and registered as a lawyer in Portugal.

After registering in Portugal, I gained an advantage over other professionals; I was able to better serve my clients in both countries and this brought me new opportunities with new clients.

I ended up becoming a lawyer in the UK, which ultimately became my main jurisdiction of practice. I am currently qualified in Brazil, Portugal and the UK.

How does working at gunnercooke allow you to continue working in the regions that you’re qualified in?

The work model offered by gunnercooke allows me to have total flexibility and mobility to serve my clients anywhere in the world. The support and structure I have available allows me to provide the same level of service regardless of whether I am physically present in those countries.

What’s the benefit of being a triple-qualified lawyer in your practice area?

I can advise my clients on all legal aspects in the jurisdictions that I’m qualified in without the need for another professional to be involved. This brings greater agility to our services and allows for work to be completed quickly and efficiently.

What is the hardest thing about being triple qualified?

Without a doubt the hardest thing is keeping up to date with what’s happening in Brazilian, Portuguese and English law, but this forces me to keep studying and automatically makes me one step ahead of others.

Have you had to change the way that you operate to account for cultural differences?

Yes, this was the biggest challenge, as I needed to understand the cultural differences and the professional differences that each country has. I needed to quickly adapt so that I could deliver a better result when carrying out a job or dealing with a client.

Do you have any advice for lawyers who want to dual or triple qualify?

You will need to put in a lot of work and dedication to become dual or triple qualified. It is also incredibly important to choose a workplace that allows you to develop your ability to work in different jurisdictions.

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