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In this webinar, Simon Horsfield (gunnercooke Employment Partner), David McIntyre (gunnercookeConsulting) and Phil Hitchcox (First 4 Skills) explain what the Apprenticeship Levy will mean for businesses and how they can use it to their advantage when taking on apprentices. People Hour special - Understanding the Apprenticeship Levy from gunnercooke llp on Vimeo.
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Word of the Week Trust; Trust is the fundamental building block of any brand, and is the glue for any lasting relationship. A lack of trust within an organisation saps its energy, creates a climate of suspicion and replaces it with internal politics. It leads to low morale and low standards of performance. Trust is the intangible asset that provides an assurance of long term sustainability. It reduces transaction costs, it reduces the need for litigation and speeds commerce, it lubricates organisations and societies. Trust is the key to the speed of growth. It is the most important leadership attribute that will
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Are you giving your employees the confidence to become leaders and innovators in your business, or are you limiting their beliefs? Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad in Competing For the Future, describe just how easy it is to develop self limiting beliefs. Four monkeys sit in a cage that has a bunch of bananas hanging from the roof, accessible by a set of steps. When the monkeys go to climb the steps to get the bananas they receive a blast of cold water.After a few days the monkeys stop trying to climb the steps and reach the bananas. Researchers then remove the...
In this webinar, Employment partner Jo Tindall explores reasons for sickness absence dismissals and shares some important tips on how you should approach them. People Hour - Sickness absence dismissals – how, when and why from gunnercooke llp on Vimeo.
Part two in our C*SR series: 'Don't just be successful, be significant' “A life lived for others is a life worthwhile" - Albert Einstein The legacy you leave behind is determined by the life you lead today. Lord Browne, ex CEO of BP writes: "CSR Programmes are short-lived because they are separate from the commercial activities of a company, they survive on the whim of senior executives rather than the value they deliver... the original idea of connecting the World through CSR is dead." Our management consultants have devised a new way of connecting legacy and philanthropy to the commercial activities of your business, developing
As you walk into Timpson House you very quickly realise that you are entering a very special company. The reception replicates a high street Timpson outlet and the administrative offices are like something from a film set or a Disney World hotel. You wonder if you were expected to bring a child with you. Offices often reflect the leadership of a company. It becomes apparent very quickly that John Timpson, now 68, is one of the most innovative leaders not only of his generation but that I am ever likely to meet. His style of always challenging the way things are done,...

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