gunnercooke Partner registers new Mental Health Charity

July 3, 2023
Michele Price


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Michele Price, a gunnercooke Charity & Philanthropy Partner, recently registered Breadsong as a social enterprise. Breadsong aims to share the transformative effect that learning how to bake bread had on managing bouts of depression.

The social enterprise was started by Kitty Tait and Alex Tait, which is named after their baking book called ‘breadsong’. The book was named after the hiss that bread makes when it comes out of the oven. It tells the story of Kitty Tait who was a chatty and full-of-life 14-year-old until she was overwhelmed with depression and anxiety, which saw her withdraw from the world.

One day her dad Alex, a teacher, baked a loaf of bread with her and that small moment changed everything.

Michele is a charity solicitor working on some of this country’s most high-profile social campaigns addressing national concerns around food poverty, homelessness, women’s health, suicide awareness, mental health and loneliness. 

Michele commented: “This is such a powerful story that has and will change lives. Kitty and Alex have a passion for sharing their very personal journey and reaching into the dark corners to bring joy. 

“This social enterprise will utilise a simple process of mixing flour, water and salt, practised across every culture since time immemorial, to address one of the most complex and endemic issues facing society today, one that gunnercooke is committed to address through its loneliness project and House of Books & Friends.”

To contact Michele or read more about her practice, click here.

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