How to employ an immigrant in the UK

September 1, 2023
Vitoria Nabas


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We have a shortage of immigrants in the UK. Based on what we see in the news, this may seem like a shock but it’s true. We need more immigrants because we have a shortage of employees.

So if you’re an employer and are looking to bring somebody from outside the UK to work in your business, there are three key things to consider

  1. Do you have a sponsorship license? As a company you need a sponsorship license to be able to hire a foreign person. This is a license that you can apply for via the Home Office. It means that you have been approved by the Home Office to hire employees from abroad.
  2. Are they a skilled person? In order to seek employment in the UK, the candidate needs to be able to prove that they are a skilled person. This could be across a variety of professions and doesn’t mean that they need to have a university degree. They simply need to have experience in an area where there is a shortage in the UK. There is a full list available online.
  3. Do they have English skills? The employee needs to be able to prove that they can speak, read and write English in order to work in the UK

If you have any queries on the steps involved in employing an immigration, please reach out to Vitoria or find out more about how she can help here.

This blog was taken from our video series, “90 seconds with a gunnercooke expert”. Vitoria’s episode can be found here.

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