What can businesses learn from the world of sport? A closer look at mindset. 

February 20, 2024
Darryl Cooke

Executive Chairman

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This is the third edition in a mini-series giving you easily digestible 90-second leadership tips. We’ll share leadership skills from the very best business leaders in the world, show you how ultimate sportspeople innovate to achieve, and share ideas from entrepreneurs, innovators, politicians – even the odd military leader.  

Leadership is everything. Time is of the essence. Lifelong learning is life-changing – but we will have fun as we do it.  

What do you need to know about mindset? 

Mohammed Ali was possibly the greatest sportsman of all time and one of the most influential activists who gave up his passion for his first love, boxing. He did not flinch in going to prison for his strong ethical views and made a lasting impact on the civil rights movement, all whilst leaving us a treasure book of quotes that continue to guide us each day, including: 

“If we don’t have an open mindset, if we are not listening and learning from our conversations, or from the books that we read and the podcasts that we listen to, if we don’t learn from our friends, our family, our colleagues and our enemies equally, if we are not learning from the experiences that we have each day – good and bad, from the things that we see, and the stories that we hear,  if we don’t move forward positively but stand still, then we will watch the world pass us by and we will waste the opportunity that we have on this earth.  At 50 you should be a better version of you at 20. Life is about growing – every day to become a better you.”  

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