Partner from gunnercooke joins ‘Menopause Mandate’ event at Houses of Parliament

June 14, 2022
Emma Hammond


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We have some exciting news to report here at gunnercooke! Yesterday, Emma Hammond, an employment partner and part of our menopause team, took part in an event in the Houses of Parliament in front of MPs and the press, with various high-profile menopause campaigners present. The event was set up by ‘Menopause Mandate’ a recently formed leading menopause campaigning body, who presented their aims to lead the push for reform in the menopause arena.

Menopause Mandate is led by Carolyn Harris, MP, and some key celebrities who are behind the cause including Davina McCall, Mariella Frostup, Lisa Snowdon, and Penny Lancaster. The organisation also includes campaigners, menopause experts, and GPs. It has some key aims; to improve education in healthcare on the menopause and remove the “postcode lottery” around accessing advice, to ensure that every GP practice has a Menopause Champion, and to make HRT affordable and available in order to remove the socio-economic barriers which currently affect whether or not a woman can access the medical advice and treatment that she deserves.

We are very proud that Emma has been selected as the only lawyer in the Menopause Mandate group and that she was the only lawyer at the event. She is passionate about championing the cause and has a particular interest in advising women who are experiencing menopause-related discrimination at work, which she does on a pro bono basis.

There are also key challenges in the employment arena linked to menopause which deeply affect the economy and society in general. Yesterday, the Fawcett Society presented its leading report on Menopause and the Workplace, which outlined some frightening statistics. It is estimated that 13 million women are affected by menopause at any one time and around one in ten of these women have left their jobs due to their symptoms. This is why Menopause Mandate is pushing so hard for change.

Things are changing though; last night Lindsay Hoyle, the Speaker, signed a pledge to make the Commons a “menopause friendly employer” and promised campaigners that parliament and the government would address inequalities faced by women in midlife.

The next stop is a rally on 18 October in Parliament Square on World Menopause Day!

gunnercooke recently launched its Menopause in the Workplace campaign, a series of initiatives and events helping employers to learn the importance behind why they should and how they can become a Menopause Friendly Employer too. Catch up on Emma and the team’s webinars here:

We are here to help. If you’d like to discuss any of the issues raised in the series or for support in your menopause initiatives, please contact our employment lawyersAngela BrumptonEmma HammondJo Tindall, and Mini Setty.