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Leading through a pandemic and developing a culture of kindness with Steve Byrne

About this episode

The Inspiring Leadership Podcast delves into the minds of inspiring businesspeople, to understand what makes a great leader and reflect on the issues and causes that are important to them. The series is hosted by Darryl Cooke, Executive Chairman of gunnercooke, the professional services firm that has changed the landscape for legal and consultancy services in the 21st century.  

The first episode of the second series welcomes Steve Byrne, CEO of Travel Counsellors, a personal, digital platform business powered by people and the human touch, delivering bespoke corporate and leisure travel services since 1994. The company’s vision is to redefine what personal means in travel, with a mission to create inspiring experiences for its people, customers, and communities. Travel Counsellors is a market leader in customer care, retaining an average 96% Net Promoter Score (considered world class). Having achieved a £660m sales milestone in October 2019, the company was positioned for further growth when the pandemic struck.  

In this podcast, Steve shares his personal reflections on leading through a global pandemic, the importance of enduring values and developing a culture of kindness and care. Through the pandemic, Steve and his team ‘led from the back’ to ensure that against the most challenging trading backdrop faced, they retained 95% of travel franchisees and enabled 150 travel entrepreneurs to launch new businesses.  

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