Air ambulance services continue flying with Simon Murfitt, Matthew Harvey and Jeremy Goldring’s help

April 11, 2024

gunnercooke Partners Simon Murfitt, Matthew Harvey and Jeremy Goldring recently advised the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust, a very interested stake holder, in Gama Aviation‘s in the successful purchase of Specialist Aviation Services (SAS) – a deal which allowed vital air ambulance services to continue serving South East England.

SAS had been put up for sale in December 2023 via a pre-pack administration process. Gama Aviation commenced talks in January 2024 to explore the potential acquisition, including the transfer of three UK air ambulance trust contracts. In the UK, all air ambulance services operations have charitable status, which added an extra layer of complexity to negotiations and the documentation required.

Simon, Matthew and Jeremy all ensured that the client was able to continue to offer its vital services throughout the acquisition and including finalising over 60 separate transaction documents with multiple stakeholders in a tight time frame.

Simon Murfitt commented: “There was an added layer of significance to this acquisition and transfer of various vital operations. If we had not been able to successful in assisting our client and various other parties involved throughout the purchase, there was a very real risk that no air ambulance services would have been able to operate in a number of counties, across London and the South East.”

The underlying deal was successfully closed on 31 January 2024, ensuring no interruption to vital air ambulances services.

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