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Going Solo: do you crave the opportunity to network effectively whilst self-employed?

The legal profession is continuing to change. Evolving client demands, developments in technology, a mercurial economic landscape. All are  having a significant impact on establishing one of the UK’s longest and most esteemed professions. An observable trend is the number of lawyers breaking out of traditional office life and setting up as self-employed consultants. Gunnercooke’s […]

The Countdown to GDPR: is your business prepared?

By Employment and Privacy Law Partner, Carl Atkinson On 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force in the UK. Implementing the biggest change to data protection law in a generation. Non-compliant businesses are at risk of facing enforcement action that could potentially damage their public reputation and bank balance. The […]

Going Solo: developing your expertise and personal brand

In record numbers, lawyers across the UK are walking out of the offices, never to return. They’re not leaving the profession, rather they’re establishing themselves as self-employed consultants, and taking their careers in a new and exciting direction. gunnercooke’s ‘Going Solo’ series is looking at why this is viewed as such a compelling option for […]

Going Solo: time to say good-bye to the office

Historically, the legal profession has been a somewhat prescriptive space to ply one’s trade. Once ensconced within a firm, a newly appointed lawyer has a rigid framework to operate within, and endless lists of protocols to abide by. True enough, for some lawyers this can be a source of comfort and stability, and there is […]

5 Series Webinar: five top tips for negotiating terms of departure with senior executives

5 Series Webinar: five top tips for negotiating terms of departure with senior executives Hosted by Employment Law Partner, Rebecca Davidson In practice, Senior Executive departures can often be complex and the cost of ‘getting it wrong’ can be considerable. They are sophisticated in their approach as many Senior Executives may begin to instruct a […]