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Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill – Recovery of Commercial Rent Arrears Update

The Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill was announced on 9 November 2021 and is currently on its second reading in the House of Commons. The Bill attempts to continue support given to commercial tenants during the pandemic, by ringfencing certain rent arrears and providing a new arbitration scheme to deal with the ringfenced sums. The Bill […]

Why Carry Out a GDPR Gap Analysis?

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, it is important to ensure any data you hold on behalf of data subjects is secure. It must also comply with data protection laws, a GDPR Gap Analysis can help with this. By carrying out a GDPR Gap Analysis (otherwise known as a data protection audit), will help to determine […]

Five Tips when selling property in Spain

At the time of selling property in Spain, some clients come to us when they have already exchanged contracts. Thinking that because they are not buying, it is all simple, straightforward and that they simply have to ensure they get the money they have agreed which will be all dealt by an estate agent who […]

Dr Michelle Chen on life as a dual-qualified lawyer in China and the UK

Have you always wanted to be a lawyer? I have always wanted a career in the legal profession and from a young age have found myself particularly interested in cross-border law, international relationships, and business. What kind of education did you have? At Peking University I studied 30 subjects in areas such as history, economics, […]

The right to disconnect – gunnercooke’s employment partners from the UK and Germany look at employer’s responsibilities in supporting employees’ work life balance.

Portugal has become one of the latest countries to introduce legislation around employer’s responsibilities and employee rights to disconnect. It has banned employer contact with employees outside contracted hours, except under exceptional circumstances. The government has also introduced anti-loneliness measures and expects home working expenses to be covered. Several countries across Europe have introduced several […]

Content creators on subscription-based platforms must seek legal advice to protect their intellectual property rights

Subscription-based platforms such as OnlyFans and Substack have been partially driven by a surge in pandemic-related redundancies. Many content creators have entered the market looking to supplement or replace their income and have found these new subscription models provide a low barrier to entry. From an intellectual property perspective, these sites ensure creators maintain rights […]

Women in Business — an Inclusive and Equal Future?

In another instalment of gunnercooke‘s Women in Business series, a panel of inspiring female entrepreneurs and businesspeople discuss how we can frame the conversation for a diverse, inclusive and equal future for women at work.  In the last 18 months, the challenges and disruption to the way we work have been greater than we have […]

The Evolving Workplace – Employment Law Webinar

Employment Partner Mini Setty recently hosted a webinar on what you need to know about the Evolving Workplace, including Covid-19, menopause, and hybrid working. The pandemic has taught employers a lot over the past two years, and they are now much better equipped and practised in dealing with challenges related to Covid, however, there is […]

Digital Services Tax, how will businesses be impacted between now and 2023 when the new DST regime is introduced?

The UK has agreed to scrap the DST (Digital Services Tax. This currently imposes a 2% levy on tech giants’ revenue. Replacing it will be the new Pillar system which is more complex and has a much broader reach. It taxes the gross revenues of large multinationals operating search engines, social media platforms, and online […]

Comment on the need for, and potential legal impact of Scaleup, High Potential Individual, and Global Business Mobility visas

Can the government help post-Brexit Britain be a genuine magnet for global business talent? The end of free movement between the UK and EU has contributed to an acute skills shortage in the transport and logistics and food production sectors, with many foreign workers seemingly put off by the new global points-based immigration system. But […]

Redevelopment Clauses at their Prime? Developer’s narrow interpretation of a redevelopment clause demolished in court

Most leases of multi-occupied buildings will contain an ability for the landlord to carry out works to other parts of the building. But that ability will normally be tempered so that the tenant’s use of their property is not undermined. Inevitably the issues dealt with by these clauses will be generic in nature — at […]

Initial comment on the Regulation on European Crowdfunding Service Providers (ECSP) for business being implemented

The European Parliament has approved a set of common rules on EU crowdfunding which comes into effect from the 10th November that aim to both boost crowdfunding service platforms and protect investors. With headquarters in both the UK and Germany, the gunnercooke team provides its international perspective on the limitations and opportunities created by the […]

Opportunities and risks around the government’s push to remove barriers to defined pension schemes to unlock higher returns from illiquid investments

Are workplace pensions about to get supercharged? The Budget was a relatively quiet affair when it came to pensions due to the more significant announcements being made earlier this year. However, the Chancellor’s only explicit reference came when he said he will consult on further changes to the regulatory charge cap for defined contribution auto-enrolment […]

Being a Trustee — Roles and Responsibilities

During National Trustees Week, which celebrates all trustees in the UK for their hard work for charities, our Charity & Philanthropy Partner Michele Price hosted an event on everything you need to know about being a trustee.  This session offered advice for existing trustees, new trustees, those recruiting trustees, those working with a board of […]

Alan Pickering CBE added as a Defendant to summons against Plumbing Pensions Trustees

gunnercooke Pensions Partner Parminder K Latimer, advising Kamco Limited in relation to a £265,000 claim against Plumbing Pensions Trustees (see article dated August 3, 2021), has recently had the summons amended against Plumbing Pensions Limited, to add Alan Pickering CBE, the former Chair of Plumbing Pensions Trustees, as a Defendant. Alan Pickering has subsequently been […]

Initial comment on UK Gov’s ‘Data: A new direction’ consultation – Tim Heywood

Have another cookie? Following its exit from the EU, the UK Government is exploring how to unlock data’s potential. The consultation on regulatory reform states it wants to ‘create an ambitious, pro-growth and innovation-friendly data protection regime’… but what could this really mean for your business? gunnercooke Data Protection, Public law & Procurement Partner, Tim […]

The latest on Kostal v Dunkley: UK Supreme Court removes veto threat but requires full collective bargaining before any direct offers

gunnercooke Partner Angela Brumpton has advised Kostal UK ltd on the high-profile case of Dunkley & Others v Kostal UK Ltd, which has now reached a decision in the Supreme Court. The case focused on the proper interpretation of section 145B of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992. Despite Kostal being ultimately […]

gunnercooke included in The Times Best Law Firms 2022

gunnercooke is thrilled to announce it has re-entered The Times Best Law Firms 2022 list. The list aims to find the best lawyers for business, public and private-client law, naming the top 200 legal practices in England and Wales plus Scotland’s top 40. The survey, done in partnership with Statista, collects recommendations from legal professionals […]