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How does divorce impact your mortgage?

Couples going through a divorce are facing tougher negotiations over existing mortgage deals, which are being negatively impacted by more stringent requirements of lenders.  If a couple has taken out a mortgage prior to Spring 2022, they are likely to be on a much cheaper rate, often leading to disagreement over who should keep the […]

Things to know before embarking on property joint ventures

Joint ventures between landowners and developers are a hot topic in property, especially in a market that is slightly challenging. A joint venture is often an interesting and attractive prospect for many SMEs, property developers and landowners. But what do you need to consider before you embark on a joint venture?The main things to consider […]

Protect your culture by thinking like a saboteur

By Lucy Hargreaves, Development & People Director at gunnercooke Culture is the most precious but least tangible asset a business has. You won’t find it on the balance sheet, and it can’t be accurately measured or valued. And yet leaders know it’s culture that drives performance, underpins talent recruitment and retention and is fundamentally linked […]

Legal misconceptions surrounding DAOs: five to look out for

Decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) have risen in prominence over the last decade,  enabling the rapid growth of blockchain technologies. Associate Yuliya Prokopyshyn debunks five key fallacies around DAOs:   1. DAOs exist in a legal vacuum While DAOs challenge traditional legal concepts, they don’t operate in a legal vacuum. Similar to the metaverse, regulators are […]

gunnercooke shortlisted at British Legal Awards for second year running

gunnercooke has been included in the shortlist for Law Firm of the Year (Small/Mid Sized Firm) at the British Legal Awards for the second year running. Founder Darryl Cooke comments: “It’s wonderful to be recognised for another year by the British Legal Awards alongside some of the top firms in the industry. It’s been another […]

Is London a vital cryptocurrency hub?

FinTech Partner James Burnie and FinTech Senior Associate Kathryn Dodds, both based in London discuss the key attributes that make London a vital cryptocurrency hub. Connectivity to global markets for access to investors and customers London is a global financial hub that is renowned for its well-established financial infrastructure, and is often used as a […]

Flexible working changes: what impact will they have on employers?

With the news that the the Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Act 2023 (“the Act”) received Royal Assent on 20th July 2023 , Employment Law specialist Katy Wedderburn breaks down the key questions and misunderstandings relating to the new provisions. The introduction of these changes is expected to boost employee satisfaction and productivity, benefiting employers by […]

What are employers’ obligations regarding pregnant women?

New data from Pregnant then Screwed shows that over half of all mothers (52%) have faced some form of discrimination whilst pregnant, on maternity leave or when they returned to work. Richard Linskell, a gunnercooke Employment Partner, discusses the legal issues behind maternity discrimination. Why is it a company’s responsibility to prevent maternity discrimination? Aside […]

Legal misconceptions in the metaverse: five to look out for 

While the concept of the metaverse has become more widely understood and embraced in recent years, this has raised a number of questions as to its legal standing. Yuliya Prokopyshyn, Web3 Associate, demystifies some of the common legal misconceptions surrounding the metaverse:   Despite its decentralised nature, the metaverse does not operate in a legal vacuum. […]

Live Event – An audience with Tom Parachini, Funding Circle UK

Join us for an insight-packed evening with Darryl Cooke, founder of gunnercooke, as he sits down for an exclusive interview with Tom Parachini, Global Head of Legal and Regulatory at The Funding Circle. Bring along a current, new or prospect client to gain entry to the exclusive event. The Funding Circle is a cutting-edge online marketplace […]

Live event – An audience with Keith Austin, Senior Vice President & Head of Legal at DHL

gunnercooke co-founder Darryl Cooke Darryl Cooke will talk to Keith Austin to reveal the opportunities that arise when collaborating with in-house legal counsel. Delving into the world of corporate partnerships, Keith and Darryl will shed light on the diverse range of services demanded by large companies and the strategies to tap into this thriving market. Keith […]

Live event – An inspiring audience with Noreena Hertz, economist & author of The Lonely Century

40 percent of office workers globally feel lonely. One in five do not have a single friend at work. This is not just a problem for individuals, it’s also exacting a significant business cost. The lonely are less productive, efficient and motivated than their non-lonely colleagues and significantly more likely to quit. At this exclusive […]

Live event – Inspiring Leadership Live with Joanna Swash, Group CEO at Moneypenny & Jürgen Maier, co-founder of vocL

Prepare to be captivated as we present a live episode recording of the Inspiring Leadership podcast hosted by Darryl Cooke and Sir Peter Fahy with inspiring leaders Joanna Swash and Jürgen Maier. Join us for an unforgettable event where visionary thinking meets practical expertise, and there are discussions over how to lead a purposeful business. […]

Birmingham benefits from growth of international law firm

International law firm gunnercooke launched its Birmingham office in 2021. Two years on, gunnercooke is making waves in the international market and is attracting some of the best legal talent and clients.  Helen Miles, a Pensions Partner based in Birmingham, is a key legal figure in the region and has been in the pensions industry […]

The new FCA Consumer Duty

On 31 July 2023 the FCA introduced a new Consumer Principle which requires ‘firms to act to deliver good outcomes for retail customers’. The FCA now wants to see regulated firms deliver a higher standard of customer care and protection, and to go further to equip customers to make effective decisions in their interests. The […]

gunnercooke appoints 17 new partners, growing international presence in Germany and the US

Leading international law firm gunnercooke has continued its strong recruitment drive, welcoming 17 new partners in the last quarter across areas including Privacy, International Arbitration and Blockchain. Hires include additions to the fast-growing US team, with Eileen Breslin and Scott Horton joining the New York office. Eileen is a Corporate Partner with over 20 years of experience. […]