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Age discrimination in the workplace

A report earlier this summer claimed that the government is failing to protect millions of UK workers from age discrimination. Around a third of UK workers will be over the age of 50 within two years. This is a ticking time bomb for employers. In this blog, Employment Law Partner Thalis Vlachos looks at the […]

Supreme Court decision deals blow to gig economy employers

In the latest in a series of gig economy cases, the Supreme Court has decided that a plumber described in his contract as “self-employed” was a “worker” and therefore entitled to employment rights. The case against Pimlico Plumbers Gary Smith is a plumbing and heating engineer who worked for Pimlico Plumbers (PP) for six years […]

Can an allegation be a protected disclosure for the purposes of the whistleblowing legislation?

The Court of Appeal decision in Kilraine v London Borough of Wandsworth has clarified whether an allegation can amount to “information” for the purposes of the whistleblowing legislation.  It takes bravery to be a whistleblower. Even when they act with the best of motives, they risk being branded a snitch or a traitor and stigmatised. There […]

Compulsory Protection of Client Money for English Property Agents

On 21 June 2018, new regulations were passed setting out the process for the approval of new Client Money Protection (CMP) Schemes. Hot on their heels, parliament is now considering further regulations which would make it mandatory for letting agents to join one of these schemes by 1 April 2019 or face fines imposed by […]