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Coronavirus Act 2020: Residential Lettings

The Coronavirus Act came into force on 26 March 2020 and Part 51Z was introduced to the Civil Procedure Rules on 27 March 2020, subsequently amended to include paragraph 2A on 20 April 2020.  These pieces of legislation will have an impact on the following parties: Landlords wishing to forfeit or end a residential lease […]

Coronavirus Act 2020 : Commercial Lettings

Payment of Rent This is the key area of concern for most Landlords and Tenants at present as the pandemic lockdown has curtailed a number of business activities meaning that they have reduced cash flow, which in turn may be causing difficulties in meeting obligations, such as the payment of rent.  The Government has sought […]

gunnercooke Employment Partner Angela Brumpton Features on BBC News

gunnercooke Employment Law partner Angela Brumpton has featured on BBC News this week discussing the Government’s Job Retention Scheme which opened to applications on Monday. Angela gave insight on who qualifies for the scheme, it’s limitations and potential abuse of the system, and employee rights under the furlough scheme. You can watch the full interview […]

On Coronavirus: Acquiring Distressed Assets

The Cause of Distress All businesses require working capital.  Revenues are drastically reducing while fixed costs continue to accrue. Government schemes will provide some relief by subsidising wage bills and allowing business rates and tax holidays.  For some businesses, however, sources of working capital will diminish to the point that it will not be possible […]

On Coronavirus: Managing Distressed Assets

Uncertain times Businesses are already struggling, coming under increasing cash flow pressure.  With no certainty as to when conditions will change, those with management responsibility are concerned about the future viability of their organisations, as well as their own personal liability should insolvency proceedings begin.  The following is designed to provide some high-level guidance on […]

On Coronavirus: Preserving Investor Value

Inter-Dependency Many corporate groups are structured in tax-efficient ways.  Tax-planning may dictate how goods and services are provided between members of the group in different jurisdictions and in which entities valuable assets are held. In addition, “treasury” arrangements may apply which involve pooling and re-distribution of revenues. Consequently, there can be substantial inter-dependency between companies […]

Managing Mental Health and Wellbeing when Working at Home

I’ve delivered training on mental health stress and wellbeing for the last three years but as I sat down to write my first post lockdown training, I realised that my normal material wasn’t going to be enough.  We are living through something completely unknown and unfamiliar.   It’s hard for people in lots of different ways. […]

Covid- 19: Clampdown on Lockdown – New Police Powers Granted

The extensive restrictions on individuals and businesses put in place this week in an attempt to delay the spread of the Coronavirus have been widely reported, but what happens to those who don’t comply? In further emergency laws granted on 26th March (the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations 2020), the police have been given far […]

Morrisons Found Not Vicariously Liable for Data Breach

The Supreme Court has today delivered the final word on this case which had until now left employers facing potential vicarious liability (and the prospect of having to pay damages under civil law principles) for a major, deliberate data breach by one of its former employees. The breach occurred when Mr Skelton, who had been […]