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Making the most of IP on finance transactions

Intellectual property rights (IP) are an important part of many businesses’ assets. This is particularly true if that IP has material value and healthy underlying revenue streams which generate positive cash flow. Where a business has financing needs, its valuable assets play a key role in determining the security cover available to a financier as […]

Flexible Working – What has changed?

Flexible working isn’t a new concept.  However, from 4 April 2024 the law has changed in an attempt to simplify the process for both employees and employers. What was the position before 4 April 2024? What is the position now? ACAS Code of Practice on requests for Flexible Working The non statutory ACAS Code of […]

How has the suspension of Worldchain activities impacted the blockchain and crypto industry?

The recent suspensions of Worldcoin’s activities in Spain and Portugal by their respective data regulators due to GDPR investigations have shone a light on the privacy capabilities of blockchain-based technologies, and the privacy practices of organisations leveraging those technologies.  We consider the recommendations issued by French data regulator CNIL in 2018 on blockchain-tech entities compliance […]