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HR Training for hiring foreign workers

HR teams face constant pressures in recruiting the best talent, developing staff, and optimising senior management and employee relations. Where HR teams hire foreign workers, the challenge is heightened due to regular changes to immigration law, compliance requirements and matching organisational skills to the sponsor licence held by the business. Similar issues are faced by […]

Sponsorship License Audits

Obtaining a sponsor licence, required to sponsor foreign workers or students to come and work or study in the UK, is a new HR responsibility that needs be taken seriously to both keep your licence and maintain your present and future foreign originated workforce. Sponsor licence applications can take several months to be processed due […]

gunnercooke and Future Planet Capital Host International Panel on Impact Investment

The international law firm gunnercooke and the venture capital firm Future Planet Capital brought thought leaders and experts from around the world to London to explore the future of Impact Investment. They discussed the development of reforms and regulations, as well as the potential polarisation of views on climate change, ultimately concluding that the collaboration […]

Life as a triple-qualified lawyer: what it’s like practicing in three countries

Anivaldo Esquelino, a gunnercooke Immigration Partner, is tripled-qualified in Brazil, Portugal and the UK (England & Wales). He has been a lawyer for nearly two decades and has practiced around the globe, gaining experience and knowledge. Anivaldo recently shared his insights into life as a triple-qualified lawyer. Why did you decide to become triple qualified? […]

“gunnercooke is anything but a virtual firm” – five years with David Merson

David Merson, a gunnercooke Commercial Real Estate Partner, will be soon celebrating his five-year anniversary at the firm. He shares insights on how the firm has changed during this time, some of his highlights and advice for others. What has been your highlight at gunnercooke so far? I’d have to say working with people who […]

What services are on offer for Partners at gunnercooke? 

Joining a fee-share law firm can seem daunting, with many new starters querying if they will have access to associates, paralegals and PAs. There are usually questions around how to grow your team, if there’s access to digital dictation and if you’ll be able to utilise secretarial services.  The good news is, at gunnercooke you […]

Smash and Grab: The Payment Trap in Construction Contracts

The law Payment disputes under construction contracts are all too common.  There are often different views on the nature of work carried out, how it should be valued and how a myriad of complex contractual provisions should be applied.  What often surprises those less experienced in the construction industry is the resolution, at least temporarily, […]

gunnercooke Partner advises on winding up petition that succeeded in High Court

Jeremy Goldring, a gunnercooke Restructuring & Insolvency Partner, advised on a winding up petition for his client, Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Company Limited. The Hong Kong-based business is a state-owned company which was party to a joint venture agreement in relation to an English company, Beijing Tong Ren Tang (Leeds) Company Limited. Following […]

Conscious Leadership: Navigating the Future of Modern Law Firms

This article was provided by Neil Seligman. In the dynamic landscape of the legal industry, where advancements in technology, evolving work preferences, and a growing emphasis on wellbeing are reshaping traditional norms, the concept of Conscious Leadership emerges as a guiding light. As we step into the next decade, a profound transformation is poised to […]

What exactly is blockchain?

Blockchain is the technology that allows cryptocurrencies to work, cryptocurrency being money that works without the oversight of banks or general government. But if you want to create digital money that works without banks, you have to overcome a key issue:  the double spend problem. Essentially, you need to stop people being able to spend […]

How to employ an immigrant in the UK

We have a shortage of immigrants in the UK. Based on what we see in the news, this may seem like a shock but it’s true. We need more immigrants because we have a shortage of employees. So if you’re an employer and are looking to bring somebody from outside the UK to work in […]