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The nuances of undocumented business occupation

The June 2023 Court of Appeal judgement Avondale Park Limited v Miss Delaney’s Nursery Schools Limited held that a contracted-out sublease of a nursery school had automatically terminated (by virtue of a clause in that sublease) and that the subsequent continued occupation by the subtenant resulted in an implied periodic tenancy which was protected under […]

“I am the happiest, and most confident, I have ever been in my career.” 5 years at gunnercooke with Sian Darlington

August 2023 marks 5 years since I joined gunnercooke. The time has flown by and I can honestly say I have loved every minute (well, most minutes anyway) and I am the happiest, and most confident, I have ever been in my career. I joined gunnercooke back in 2018 as an Associate, and without any […]

The Register of Overseas Entities one year on – a happy birthday for lenders?

Introduction The UK’s overseas entity registration regime (Regime) came into force in 2022. It requires any overseas entity – a legal entity governed by a non-UK law (OE), to be registered at Companies House in England & Wales if it: Limited exceptions apply and similar regimes apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Companies House […]

“There’s a good commercial buzz” – Working in the gunnercooke Glasgow office

What’s it like being part of gunnercooke Glasgow? gunnercooke is still a relatively new legal business in Glasgow, with gunnercooke Scotland only launching about 2 years ago, so there is an exciting journey of expansion going on in both the whole organisation and within Scotland. Being part of a bigger organisation that’s modern and ambitious […]

The End Game – is your pension scheme ready?

As pension schemes approach their end game, careful preparation is essential to ensure a smooth transition and to achieve the best possible buy-out or buy-in quotes. Employers and trustees must assess various aspects of the scheme, seeking assistance from pensions lawyers to ensure compliance with the scheme rules. So, what three steps can you take […]

What are the key changes to flexible working? Understanding the cultural shift

New flexible working rules have recently been given the go ahead. The Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Act 2023 has Royal Assent and is likely to come into force next year. Employees already have the right to ask for various of their terms and conditions of employment to be changed including terms relating to hours, working […]

Contracting in IT and software: three lessons to learn from

I have worked in the software/IT services space for over 20 years. During that time, I have come to understand the frustrations and problems that can arise from the contracting process. If I were to summarise the problem, it would be: how do you sell as much as you can, as quickly as possible, without […]

gunnercooke partner, Khaled Moyeed secures High Court appeal success overturning a decision relating to the pandemic

gunnercooke partner, Khaled Moyeed wins a High Court appeal for the Appellant overturning the trial judge’s decision to refuse adjournment of the trial when the Appellant was suffering from Covid symptoms in December 2021. This is an important decision shedding light on how courts were dealing with hearings during the pandemic. At the High Court, […]

Should “Divorce leave” be recognised by employers?

Divorce can be a life changing event which can impact on performance at work.  In January 2023, the Positive Parenting Alliance (PPA) published a report considering the impact of divorce on employees at work.  The PPA is a group of individuals and organisations whose focus is to protect children whose parents are separating.  The findings […]

“I wish I had started years ago!” 1 year at gunnercooke with Emma Holden-Shah

Emma Holden-Shah, a gunnercooke Real Estate Partner, recently celebrated her 1 year anniversary at gunnercooke. She sat down to discuss what her life has been like since joining and to answer questions about the firm, and how it works for her. What has been your highlight at gunnercooke so far? The highlight has definitely been […]

gunnercooke Partner Khaled Moyeed assists charity clients in a successful mediation

gunnercooke Dispute Resolution and Charity Partner Khaled Moyeed represented a group of charity trustees who were ousted from the day to day running of a charity following a dispute between trustees. The matter was referred to Khaled after his clients tried unsuccessfully to secure an injunction allowing them to go back to the management of […]

The Synergy of AI and Web3

The year 2021 witnessed the rapid growth of Web3 technologies, from the emergence of non-fungible tokens to the rise of digital asset tokenisation platforms. While these technologies slowly attracted more developers and investors with the aim of creating a more transparent and user-centric digital environment, Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects took the spotlight in 2023, stealing […]

Data Protection: European Commission adopts new adequacy decision for safe and trusted EU-US data flows

On 10 July 2023, the European Commission adopted its adequacy decision for the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework (the “Framework”). The decision determines that the Framework ensures a level of data protection comparable to that of the European Union for personal data transferred from the EU to US companies.  The decision benefits businesses on both sides […]

eIDAS 2.0 and European Digital Identity

On 29 June 2023, the EU Council Presidency and European Parliament representatives reached a provisional political agreement on the core elements of a new framework for a European digital identity (eID).  The proposed eID framework is dubbed ‘eIDAS 2’, as it amends the 2014 regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in […]

What will the new Basel III regulation mean for the EU banking world?

The European Parliament, the Member States, and the European Commission have agreed on a preliminary compromise to implement Basel III, the internationally agreed banking supervision standards, into European law. This agreement will modify the capital requirement regulations and directives for banks (CRR III and CRD IV). The banking package will also include additional regulations for […]

‘Take the plunge!’ — 1 year at gunnercooke with Khaled Moyeed

Time has flown quickly since I joined gunnercooke a year ago! I’ve had a busy year growing my practice and settling into the firm, whilst still maintaining relationships with my previous clients. I started off my first year at gunnercooke on a business development trip (that was also partly a holiday!). I started by visiting […]

ABCs for pension scheme trustees: three tips from Helen Miles

Pensions Partner Helen Miles shares her tips for pension scheme trustees in a recent video. A: Use your advisors Operating a complex pensions scheme is a team game and advisors will help to keep you up to date and navigate the trickiest of areas. But don’t just rely on impersonal webinars and newsletters. It’s only […]

What lies in the future of crypto?

James Burnie, a Financial Services and FinTech Partner recently sat down and discussed what his predictions are for the future of crypto as part of our new “90 seconds with a gunnercooke expert” series. James suggests that the future of crypto is going to see a move towards greater regulation of the crypto asset space. […]

Top tips when leasing a commercial property

If you are a business or commercial enterprise looking to take lease of a property, especially if you have limited resources, it can be very tempting to just sign up to what is offered by a landlord. The cost of professional advice, agency, building survey and legal fees can seem disproportionate. After all, it’s just […]

gunnercooke Partner registers new Mental Health Charity

Michele Price, a gunnercooke Charity & Philanthropy Partner, recently registered Breadsong as a social enterprise. Breadsong aims to share the transformative effect that learning how to bake bread had on managing bouts of depression. The social enterprise was started by Kitty Tait and Alex Tait, which is named after their baking book called ‘breadsong’. The […]

Leadership is key to the careful and compassionate adoption of AI

Article written by Miklos Orban, head of gunnercooke legal tech. Sensational predictions around the disruptive potential of AI technology are nothing new. The ‘robots’ have been coming to take away legal services jobs for at least a decade! Undoubtedly the pace of development and ease of access to increasingly powerful tools marks the start of […]