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Antonello joins the Advisory Board of HOPEnDialogue #mentalhealthweek

HOPEnDialogue is an international research project of the Institute of Sciences and Technologies of Cognition at the National Research Council (the Italian Consiglio Nazionale della Ricerca-CNR), for which Antonello will play an advisory role exclusively on pro-bono basis. Antonello and his family’s commitment to mental health is more or less known to some of us. It […]

Jack Welch’s Approach to Leadership

The following article was written by Claudio Fernández-Aráoz and has been taken from the Harvard Business Review. You can view the original article here. Jack Welch was heralded by many as the greatest leader of his era. As CEO of General Electric from 1981 to 2001, he transformed it from a company known for appliances and […]

Daniel H. Pink: Why bosses need to show their soft side

“Go ahead,” you might need to assure him, “this won’t hurt” Then ask him to take that extended finger and draw a capital E on his forehead. Does he draw the letter so that it faces him – that is, backward to a person looking at him? Or does he draw the letter so that […]

What have you learnt?

We will shortly be returning to the ‘new normal’ after the most challenging time possibly of our work and even our personal lives, with I suspect some semblance of order, or not. The question for all leaders will be just what have you learnt? Are you a better leader for the experience? Will you have […]

Towards the new normal: The return to work for furloughed workers

The Prime Minister has announced the Covid-19 recovery strategy setting out a 3-phase approach to lifting lockdown and moving to the “new normal.” A significant element of this strategy is a return to work for employees in different industry sectors with food production, construction, manufacturing, logistics, and distribution businesses all encouraged to return to work […]

Centenary Homes Limited v Gershinson and Liddell 2020

The case of Centenary Homes Limited v Gershinson and Liddell [2020] EWHC 1080 demonstrates the courts clear position that receivers enjoy ‘a degree of latitude’ as to the timing and method of selling properties over which they are appointed.  Importantly, the court further refused to conclude that selling too many properties to repay a debt […]