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Raising capital via token financing vs. a traditional equity investment

What are the arguments in favour of raising capital via token financing through a profit participation right instead of via a traditional equity investment? Every investor is familiar with equity participation, be it in a GmbH, AG, Limited or whatever the respective legal form is. There is a general understanding about participation rights, about the […]

gunnercooke becomes first major UK law firm to officially accept payment in cryptoassets

gunnercooke has announced it is now accepting payment for legal and professional services in cryptoassets such as ether and bitcoin, in a move it believes is the first for a major law firm in the UK. Cryptoasset exchange coinpass, which is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has partnered with gunnercooke to make the exchanges. The […]

Token Financing: What do I tell token acquirers about when and how they can sell their investment?

All investors who hold classic equity stakes in a company know how to sell their investment: They have to find a buyer for their investment themselves, if necessary through the involvement of a sales agent (and in doing so observe possible sales restrictions – reservations of consent, rights of first refusal, drag-along, tag-along rules, etc.). […]

Raising capital: token financing or sale of company shares?

The mega-trend of the “tokenisation of everything” inevitably leads to the possibility of tokenising a company’s fundraising. This can be done with regard to a specific project, i.e. the tokenisation of a project or asset financing. Alternatively, the tokenisation of a company’s financing can also be considered. The granting of participation and property rights can […]

Municipalising housing – Could Berlin’s changing rental landscape influence tenant activism across Europe?

Last year Berliners voted on a controversial property expropriation bill to take 240,000 properties, or 11% of all apartments in Berlin, from corporate landlords and into public ownership. This followed a decision for a ground-breaking rent cap to be overturned, one of the most radical attempts to curb inflation in this area. gunnercooke, Real Estate […]

Sponsorship Licence & Visa

As a British company, you may want or need to hire foreign workers to take advantage of global opportunities. Vitoria explains how hiring foreign talent requires a sponsorship licence, a licence created by the Home Office. The sponsorship licence gives the company a 4-year term until its renewal enabling the business to grow and function […]

Representative of an Overseas Business visa

The Representative of an Overseas Business visa, also known as the sole representative visa, is one of the simplest business entry visas into the UK. The overseas business can be represented by an employee, a director or a minority shareholder. Furthermore, the UK business does not have a minimum capital investment requirement. It’s an excellent […]

New digital technologies pose a threat to fashion brands and creative IP

French luxury group Hermès has started legal proceedings against American artist Mason Rothschild over virtual assets inspired by its famous Birkin bags. The artist creates digital works that he sells as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, which can be traded online but ownership of the NFT is encrypted and therefore cannot be forged. His artworks depicting […]

New Regime for International Data Transfers

Readers may be aware that the ICO’s proposed new safeguard arrangements (that will enable the lawful transfer from the UK of personal data to countries that do not have the benefit of an “adequacy decision”) have now been laid before Parliament. Assuming there is no objection by Parliament, the new rules will come into force […]