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Islamic Family Law – What you need to know

In this webinar gunnercooke Partner Siddique Patel discusses Islamic family law, how it works in practice, an overview of the terminology and the key issues you should be aware of.  You can catch up on the full discussion in the below video, where Siddique answers questions including: What are the sources of Islamic family law […]

Vision & Strategy – family business webinar

Within a family business, the need for clarity and consensus is more important than ever and although the process of creating such a position can be painful, the benefits are clear for all to see. Join our highly expericienced gunnercooke Operating Partners for this session where they will take you through a structured approach to help you […]

Telecommunications Infrastructure (Leasehold Property) ACT 2021 Receives Royal Assent

The aim of this Act is to help accelerate the delivery of fast, reliable and secure broadband networks.  It was given Royal Assent on 15 March 2021 but is not yet in force.  The aim of the Act is to make it easier to install broadband infrastructure in tenanted property and applies where a consent has […]

More than a lawyer

I love law and enjoy being a lawyer.  But it’s not enough to simply be a lawyer anymore. Businesses need much more. They need a trusted advisor, someone who understands the market in their sector, their challenges, their competitors, the ins and outs of how their business works and even understand the people within their organisations.  […]

The Great Comeback – Anti-suit Injunctions

The English anti-suit injunction had once been a powerful tool in English litigation for claimants. It was an order issued by a court or arbitral tribunal that prevents an opposing party from commencing or continuing a proceeding in another jurisdiction or forum.    There are many reasons a party may wish to obtain an anti-suit injunction […]

Landlord & Tenant Update (What have the Government done now…)

On the10 March 2021, the Housing Secretary, Robert Jenrick, at a press conference announced an updated package of measures to support business owners and residential tenants. I have outlined below the key proposals: Business Leases The restrictions on forfeiture of business tenancies for non-payment of rent are to continue in England until 30 June 2021. […]

Ready for the Children’s Code?

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Children’s Code on data processing sets out 15 ‘standards’ which data controllers and processors will have to adhere to in six months’ time (2nd September 2021). The objective behind the Code is to enhance the protection of children’s data online. Children need protecting even more than adults, of course. They are vulnerable. Data […]

Navigating the Covid 19 Grant Schemes

There are now numerous Covid19-driven grant schemes in existence. These are intended to provide financial support to organisations operating in the different businesses sectors. This is obviously good news. Increasingly, though, clients are experiencing difficulties both in terms of (a) understanding how to complete the grant applications and (b) challenging or successfully complaining about the […]


SDLT surcharge for non-UK resident buyers of residential property From 1 April 2021, non-resident purchasers of residential property in England and Northern Ireland will pay a 2% surcharge on top of all rates of Stamp Duty Land Tax. This is a further measure in an already overcrowded set of SDLT rules. The surcharge applies to […]

Could we see negative interest rates?

We now live in the world of very low interest rates and some financial commentators think we may even enter the realms of negative bank interest rates. What will happen if a Bank Loan to a customer is also linked to an interest rate swap? The floor on the swap could typically be a zero-interest […]

Women in Business Event: Challenge, Change & Coronavirus, where are we now?

International Women’s Day, 8th March 2021 Where are we now and what are the new challenges we face in a remote working environment? If you missed our event and want to catch up, view our recording or write-up below. Panellists Thalis Vlachos – gunnercooke Partner and advocate for the Women in Business campaign. Rashmi Dube […]

The Great Comeback Series: Commercial Lease Negotiations – What Now?

The government has announced our return to normality this summer, meaning an inevitable end at some point soon to the various support packages – the most relevant for the commercial lettings market being furlough (which has just seen what is probably its final extension in the budget) and the protection of tenants from eviction.   This […]

The Great Comeback Series: Future gazing in a time of global crisis – IP insights

There is no doubt that we are living through an unstable time. The pandemic has changed daily life for everyone. Politics are far from stable – this impacts many things, not least international trade. The origins of established brands are coming under the microscope. The economic good times (such as they were in the wake […]

The Great Comeback Podcast: Top Tips for Securing Litigation Funding

As we look towards a future where we can meet with friends, drink in bars, exercise in groups and travel to far off lands – the coming years will be the Great Comeback of our time, and we want to explore what this might look like for our clients and their businesses. The Great Comeback […]

The Great Comeback Series – what do the coming years look like for business?

As we look towards a future where we can meet with friends, drink in bars, exercise in groups and travel to far off lands – the coming years will be the Great Comeback of our time, and we want to explore what this might look like for our clients and their businesses. Over the coming […]