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Renters’ Reform; or is it?

It was around 6 years ago that the then government announced their plans to truly reform the private rented sector in England (Wales by and large has its own rules). That announcement was by the Department for Communities and Local Government and the name has changed almost as often as the incumbent Secretary of State […]

gunnercooke team works on revolutionary C02-netrual private boat event venue 

gunnercooke Corporate & Commercial Partners Michael Hatchwell and Pania Charalambous recently worked on the revolutionary Ocean Diva.   Ocean Diva will be operated by one of the duos clients, working with one of London’s leading events’ organisers, Smart Group. The business is part of United Rivers which owns and operates 150 large cruise vessels on the […]

Scotland named as the “Casual Workers’ capital” of the UK: Predictable terms and conditions for Casual Workers

Casual Working is here to stay Recent data from the Office for National Statistics, shows a record high in the use of zero hours contracts. Scotland has the highest rate of use of zero hours contracts at 3.9%, with the UK average standing at 3.4%. The accommodation and food sector is the highest user by […]

What is a charity lawyer and why do charities need legal support?

Charities and other forms of not-for profits are businesses. At their heart is purpose rather than profit, but they’re still businesses and they need to make money to achieve that purpose. Charities contribute around £15 billion to the UK economy. As businesses they need lots of different types of support, whether that be legal, business […]

“Jump in, the water’s warm” – 1 year at gunnercooke with Michael M Jones

What has been your highlight at gunnercooke so far?   Attending my first Symposium, where all the Partners at the firm meet up for a few days in Oxford, and playing viola (an instrument I have never touched before) live in a firm “orchestra”.  It was anything but a Bitter Sweet Symphony, far better sounding […]

New government proposals for measures to cut ‘red tape’

Written by Kate Smith and Jo Tindall. On 10 May 2023, the government announced various measures contained in its policy paper ‘Smarter Regulation to Grow the Economy’ aimed at reducing red tape and cutting costs for businesses.   On 12 May 2023, the government launched a consultation on reforms to the Working Time Regulations (WTR) […]

How can employers support neurodivergent employees?

With 1 in 7 people being thought to have a neurodivergent condition, it is very likely that you employ neurodivergent people. The impact of having neurodivergent employees isn’t a negative one, as in the right environment neurodivergent employees can thrive. Some of the common symptoms of neurodiverse conditions can be a real benefit to employers, […]

Withholding tips from staff to become unlawful

Significant changes to staff contracts and employment policies are anticipated in the hospitality sector due to the Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act 2023 which received Royal Assent in May. This legislation will make it unlawful for businesses to hold back tips/service charges from their employees and will ensure that staff receive the gratuities that they […]

Inspiring leadership and doing business with our hearts over our minds, featuring author and entrepreneur Paul Hargreaves

gunnercooke has released the latest episode of The Inspiring Leadership Podcast, hosted by Co-Founder Darryl Cooke and Sir Peter Fahy. The series delves into the minds of inspiring businesspeople, to learn from the very best, and to understand what makes a great leader. Insights include recipes for success, behaviours to model and practical tips from […]

Growth, seamless transitions and core values – a year at gunnercooke with Simon J Murfitt 麥富德

What has been your highlight at gunnercooke so far? In respect of work, either (a) through links in our fabulous aviation team, working with a local Spitfire experience flight provider to provide new financing for their expansion or (b) working with the two UK Air Ambulance Charities, one of which I brought with me from […]

gunnercooke successfully registers groundbreaking charity, The Baton of Hope UK

gunnercooke partner Michele Price has successfully registered the groundbreaking charity The Baton of Hope UK, ahead of the national tour of the specially designed Baton. The Baton begins its journey throughout the UK to Downing Street on 25 June as part of the biggest suicide awareness and prevention initiative ever seen in this country. Michele […]

No fault divorce: so what has changed?

Last year saw the biggest shakeup of divorce laws in England and Wales for 50 years when the Divorce, Dissolution, and Separation Act 2020 took effect, allowing couples to separate without assigning blame, dubbed the ‘no fault divorce’. So what has happened in the past year since the changes? Divorces have been on the rise […]

What does the planned change to non-compete post-termination restrictions mean for employers and employees?

The government has announced plans to limit non-compete clauses to a maximum of 3 months.  This does not mean that non-compete clauses of up to 3 months automatically become enforceable (as the existing law on enforceability would continue to apply too), but 3 months would be the maximum that might be enforceable.  Read on to […]

New hires establish gunnercooke as UK’s largest Crypto legal team

International law firm gunnercooke has strengthened and expanded its cryptocurrency expertise with the hire of partners Will Foulkes and Gareth Malna, cementing its position as the biggest legal crypto team in the UK. Will, who has worked for over 10 years in the field, has developed an in-depth knowledge of corporate, commercial and regulatory law […]

Challenges facing the adoption of Web3 

The past couple of years have shown us that the blockchain technology undoubtedly has a potential to revolutionise many aspects of our lives, from the way we interact with each other to the way we conduct business. However, the blockchain technology has to overcome a few barriers to reach its full potential, one of, if […]

Shipping Market News – Recent alternative fuels deals

The international shipping sector is no stranger to the global movement towards alternative energy sources, carbon emission reduction and greener transport all round and continuing to grow apace. Simon J Murfitt 麥富德, a gunnercooke llp international shipping partner based in London, provides a short summary and update as to the current market news. Shipping-updateDownload To […]

Simon Etchells shares reflections two years on from launching gunnercooke Scotland

“It feels like an engine room of motivated self-starters who have no fear of sharing knowledge and contacts.” What has been your personal highlight of the last two years? If I don’t say being joined by a range of brilliant lawyers who are both colleagues and friends, I am likely dead in the water… I […]

Emma Hammond interviewed by Penny Lancaster for the Menopause Mandate 1 year anniversary celebrations

gunnercooke Employment Partner Emma Hammond was invited to speak on a panel chaired by model and TV personality Penny Lancaster in Westminster last week to celebrate Menopause Mandate’s 1 year anniversary. Emma was joined by Cathy Hastie, HR Director, PWC, Sue Sansome, Head of Learning and Development, Sytner Group and Ann Hayes from the British […]